Death squads in Jamaica ?

The Gleaner certainly has stirred up an ants nest.

A RETIRED cop and a serving police officer have broken the unwritten vow of silence within the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) to reveal how, they claim, cold-blooded killings are ordered by senior officers.
But Deputy Commissioner of Police Glenmore Hinds has rebuffed the claims relayed to The Sunday Gleaner, arguing that police personnel are sworn to uphold the law and that there are appropriate avenues for them to take if they are ordered to operate contrary to their duties.


This is an account a blogger who thinks he ran into one of these squads in 2011

7 Responses

  1. Death Squads are a good thing. We need a lot more of these squads to counteract the vicious criminals roaming our streets. An eye for an eye. The criminal-lovers the likes of JayjayBrown can say what he wants as his party cuddles and protect criminals.

    We had the ex-leader of his party (Prime Minister at the time) try to obstruct justice by putting up roadblocks to thwart the extradition of a know murderer, drug trafficker and gun runner. We also have another JLP MP rescuing a known murderer from the hands of the police and ordering hits on his own constituents.

    • Its delusional persons like you who thinks death squads are a good thing, until they turn up at your door steps, then you wont be any any position to protest your innocence, only those left behind.

      Failure is part of the PNP’s DNA and it seems most comrades have been inculcated with this disease. Tell us how effective the deaths squads have been in the last 40 yrs.

      Ever heard the name George Flash and Anthony Brown, research these names, tell us who they are and where are they one.
      Hint one is dead, he died of natural causes in JA

      • What you fail to realize is that there is no such thing as death squads. If we did indeed have death squads we would not have a “crime problem”, which is really a “gang problem” in disguise. The other thing you fail to realize is that if we were not “thinning the herd” over the past 40-years, our murder rate would be far in excess of 1,000+ murders per year.

        What is needed is a squad or squads whose sole purpose is to target ALL gangs and remove each member one by one. Get rid of the gangs and our murder rate will drop below 100 murders per year. Basically, follow the process used to dismantle the Malta gang from out west, where members were systematically incapacitated, leaving the Gang Leader alone and defenseless. Then move in for the kill.

        I fail to see what George Flash and Anthony Brown have to do with the subject at hand. BTW, I think BOTH of those individuals are now dead. An even more dangerous PNP-aligned individual is Tony Welch (Welsh), who is still very much alive and kicking and have a murder change pending (two previous hang jury I believe).

      • Jay, clearly Wayne does not know about the pnp’s affiliation to gangs and maybe someone should give him more information about the present pm who is pretending to be a saint

  2. @ Wayne Jnr , I see you are really confused and is being misled. Death squads have NEVER been known to solve any crime problem and hence the reason all the squads in Jamaica have all failed.

    Before I run off and suggest something you did not say, what do you mean by the following .

    What is needed is a squad or squads whose sole purpose is to target ALL gangs and remove each member one by one.

    Are you suggesting that a squad or squads be formed to kill these guys ?

    I will await your response before I say anything more at this time.

    One the matter of GF and AB, here are two guys who were amongst the most notorious in Jamaica, who went away and came back home, without a single criminal charge being laid against either of them.

    Dudus was said to be a murder and gun runner in Jamaica, yet not an single charge was made by the Jamaican cops against him and I am sure that on his return to Jamaica, none will be leveled against him either.

    How long has one order and Klansman been around 10 yrs maybe more, yet they continue to operate, why ?

    Think long before you pen a response.

  3. The angry residents claimed that a single policeman followed Jackson

    inside his shop and soon after, two loud explosions were heard. “The

    doctor at the hospital told us that the first shot crippled him. He was

    shot in the back,” Jackson related. A man, who identified himself as

    Jackson’s cousin, alleged that the policeman who fired the fatal shots

    was observed running from the premises and towards a police vehicle.

    “He came back with a black bag and soon after they said they found a


    I am sure this is not what Wayne Jnr is suggesting should be done.

    How does a man who has challenged the cops get shot in is back?
    I guess he has eyes in the back of his head.

    This is exactly what I am referring when I said this type of policing is a failure.
    The cop(s) involved here should be arrested and charged for murder.

  4. I am not anti police by the way, I am all about getting the job done the correct way and what happened in Central Kingston sure seems to be murder in the first degree.

    The Commissioner of Police must hold the commanding Officer of this division accountable.

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