Grading the performance of the PNP and its cabinet members.

Commonsenseja  rating for the  current PNP Cabinet Members  after two years in office

A- Outstanding

B – Good

C – Fair

D – Bad

E – Very Bad

F-  Colossal Failure

U ungraded ( Cannot determine what he does )

The Cabinet Ministers scores.

  • Prime Minister – F

Portia Miller Shoot.Jpeg
Minister of Finance – C

Minister of Justice – B-

mark golding

Education Minister – C


Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade – E


Minister of Industry and Commerce – E


Minister of National Security – F


Minister of Climate change – F


Ministry of Labour and Social Security – 


Minster and Transport and Works – D


Minister of Agriculture – C


Ministry of Energy, Mining,  Science and Technology – E


Ministry of Health – C


Ministry of Youth and Culture –D


Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment – C+


Ministry of Local Government and community development  – U




Minister of Information – F



11 Responses

  1. Minister of Information?

  2. After reviewing of additional data Roger Clarke’s score has been upgraded from E to C, to reflect the fact that there has been some growth recorded in that sector.

  3. An impartial rating:

    Prime Minister – C

    Minister of Finance – A-

    Minister of Justice – B+

    Minister of Education – A+

    Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade – C-

    Minister of Industry and Commerce – E

    Minister of National Security – B-

    Minister of Climate change – F

    Ministry of Labour and Social Security – U

    Minister and Transport and Works – B+

    Minister of Agriculture – C

    Ministry of Energy, Mining, Science and Technology – B-

    Ministry of Health – B+

    Ministry of Youth and Culture – B

    Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment – B+

    Ministry of Local Government and community development – U

    Minister of Information – C-

    • You should not have used the word impartial to preface your comments given your leaning towards the party in power.

      From your grading it says for the most part the Government is doing will and your expectations are being met.

      I say we often set the bar way too low and meeting those low standards does not translate into us meeting the most important metrics.

      Let’s see what the others think.

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      • Jay: Did you read this? Hmmmmmm

        Why Jamaicans must hold up Dr Peter Phillips’ hands
        Wednesday, January 15, 2014

        MUCH as some misguided ones among us like to berate Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, no one is willing to fault her ability to make the right choices — as in her selection of Dr Peter Phillips as finance minister.

        Having put behind her Dr Phillips’ challenge for the leadership of the People’s National Party (PNP) — ask Mr Andrew Holness how painful that is — Mrs Simpson Miller and the country are now reaping the benefit of a selfless and visionary decision that is paying off in very solid ways.

        The financial hardship being experienced across the length and breadth of Jamaica, and across every stratum of society, is not leading to any noticeable restiveness, even among the section of the populace hardest hit — the poor. We rather suspect that Jamaicans understand that noise-making and blame-gaming cannot get us out of the economic recession we are in. No one is delusional enough to believe that we have a bag of alternatives waiting on a change of administration to be unleashed.–hands

        • The editorial is misguided. What Peter is doing is simply following the guidelines set my his master at the IMF end of story.

          The PM also selected Peter Bunting as NSM who is failing, Anthony Hylton who us also failing, Bobby Pickersgill, who has always been a failure and the list goes on.

          Jamaicans say they would rather suffer under the PNP vs the JLp end of story
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      • Jay, the cabinet members are doing the obvious, most policies are just outdated. Mr.Clarke’s sector – agriculture declined by 4.9% during the first nine months of 2013, but for the last quarter growth was 14%, overall Clarke has been a failure, and the last growth figures will not be sustained. Furthermore, too many aspects of the agricultural sector are ailing, we should not give him credit for Red Stripe’s investment because that was not of his doing and bureaucracy almost prevented the company from making any investment. The Minister of Health is investing heavily in the sector, although some of the plans were started by the previous administration. Paulwell , Hylton, Clarke and Arscott may demit office

  4. Based on the latest Bill Johnson poll seems like the editorial /article above is either wrong or the people are wrong in terms of their views on the Finance Minister.

    • The people are wrong. Look at the reponse to the poll results in the Gleaner:

      Shaw Over Phillips. Opposition Spokesman Picked As Better Finance Minister

      JoshuaRise • 9 hours ago
      Read my Math, the man who could not pass a test is better than the man who has passed every test.
      No wonder Jamaica cannot get any better. We are ruled by emotions and get it done now or try something else now. Which is translated: tear the house down after it is half way built and then start all over again. Good recipe for a successful country.
      The evidence is all around, if you can see. Phillips got a sunken ship form Shaw, and now the ship is afloat, give the ship some time to sail before you sink the ship again only to give it to someone else to get it afloat again.
      Your argument is pretty clear, Phillips has done a good job to restore that which was broken. Why not help not to build the bridge to the future rather than tear done the foundations of the bridge. Idiotic thinking is surely abound, and this is not political. I have been a fierce critic of this government in parts, but reality is reality.

      pinkwhiz JoshuaRise • 5 hours ago
      Like your balanced view. This is what is needed more in this country. Balance view. If we were all more balanced in our views I am sure we could get both parties working together for One Aim. As that is what the country needs now more than ever.

      linval • 10 hours ago
      Now I realy know that these polls are nothing to go by,Shaw who culd not pass any IMF test even though he brought back the IMF to Jamaica. a man who borrowed so much and sky rocketed the debts to other country cant be so good.If you say he was more aggressive in collecting taxes,then I would say yes because my property tax under him tripled.I guess these polls depend on where and whom the pollster talk with.Then again,with no election in the near future,I have to wonder too if the pollsters are trying to stir up trouble n th country!!!!!
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      David_Biles linval • 5 hours ago
      Shaw himself was so inept that Bruce Golding had to bring in a seasoned Accountant to run the Finance Ministry for about two years. The Accountant was effectively the Finance Minister for those two years and Audley Shaw was the puppet. In fact, all the finance decisions was being made without Audley knowledge or input. Effectively, they were three people running the Ministry and hence the name, One-Third. You can’t take a journalism person and turn them into Finance Minister. The guy cannot read and income statement or a balance sheet. We will leave his success rate in operating businesses for another time. But let just say, he has never run a successful business in Jamaica. FINSAC? Lets not go there (hope this post pass the Moderator’s Test Engine).

      pinkwhiz linval • 5 hours ago
      Thank you Linval, well said, well said.

      Mark • 10 hours ago
      Who are the persons being interviewed? Regardless of ones political persuasion, it is obvious that Peter Phillips is the best Finance Minister Jamaica has ever had.

      Logic • 10 hours ago
      Mr. Shaw has the most experience.

      At this point they ” Should Work Together”, Mr Shaw in charge.

      Mr. Philips does Not seem independent. Philips, has No Ideas, PNP has no ideas.

      It seems to me, he follows anything the IMF says. Philips, seems like he was taken to school by the IMF, to TRY to understand.

      Shaw, warned of a slipping dollar, which the PNP denied as usual.
      They then, had to Hurry and sell bonds to sure up the dollar, Shaw was Right.

      mwhip Logic • 6 hours ago
      Portia, said “no thank you, dont need no advice, or help.” Cock mouth kill cock!

      facebwoy21 • 8 hours ago

      pinkwhiz facebwoy21 • 5 hours ago
      Dat mi sey tuh!!!

      george • 11 hours ago

      Ann-Marie Charles • 9 hours ago
      I have to say that I am shocked at this. Surely Shaw went to the OMG first but couldn’t even advise the people on how Jamaica was performing or if it passed any tests. What were his achievements as Minister. He approved the spending of $1B for 1km of road. I really do not understand this at all.

      pinkwhiz Ann-Marie Charles • 5 hours ago
      Thank you, what exactly were his achievements, taking us back to the IMF that must be it.

      nothinglikethat • 5 hours ago
      and i beg to ask, WHO WHERE POLLED??? political gibrish, how can a man who passed no test be better than the man who did pass???

      DannyB • 5 hours ago
      Can we get a Don Anderson Poll Please ?

      JamieStu • 5 hours ago
      Shocking poll results! The result clearly shows that a majority of the few Jamaicans polled, are far removed from the harsh challenges we face as a nation, and the even harsher measures we need to adopt to fix those realities.

      Courtney Barrette • 5 hours ago
      Man A Yard me say. Phillips has passed all IMF tests to date, but he has failed the people’s test miserably. Phillips has never run a business while Shaw has run businesses. Anybody could pass those IMF tests that Phillips passed as they were passed because the Jamaican people made great sacrifices and they are not now seeing any benefits of these sacrifices in the near or distant future. Shaw is definitely a better finance minister than Phillips. No poll was needed as school children know that Shaw is superior to Phillips on the finance and economic fronts.

      pinkwhiz • 5 hours ago
      These people and their cooked up statistics!!!……SMH they will do, say and print anything to keep the country apart!!! They will do, say, and print anything for POWER!!! These people pretend they are for the people, but they are not, they are for themselves and their hungry power Stockbroker friends!!! Anything to hold to power. But I tell them all, watch God at work, watch God at work. Either they all fall in line with God’s plan or fall away at the roadsides!!

      Memory is Short • 6 hours ago
      The poll results is expected based on the economic situation facing Jamaica presently. One must remember however that the then JLP Government tried to dodge the bullet by calling an early elections (one year early) in the hope of winning a new 5 year term and going to the IMF. The then JLP Government (Holness/Shaw) was very silent on the results of the IMF tests and delayed biting the bullet with one year remaining in their term of office. The JLP Government went on a campaign of reckless spending in the hope of buying an election and failed. The PNP Government had no choice but to go back to the IMF and hence the results economic hardship and unfavorable polls.
      Memory is short.

      pinkwhiz • 5 hours ago
      Jamaicans stop letting the politicians encourage you to have selective short memories. Stop letting politicians turn us all into poppy shows. Stop letting this Westminister system having us jump from one party to the next party like darn idiots!!!!!! It is time for ONE MIND, ONE IDEOLOGY, ONE AIM, ONE DESTINY, ONE GOD!!

      • One person commented that the people have always gotten in right, I wonder who made that comment.

        Jamaicans have always made decisions based on their bellies and hence I am not surprized by the poll results, as according to them
        ” Fiscal targets cannot eat and people cannot sleep on balance sheet”.

        I wonder who made that particular statement.

        If people are more hungry today that 2 years ago, it must be the bad policies of the government that has made their situation worse.

        The poll results are actually consistent with the other polls , which all says the country is headed in the wrong direction , because my life is harder now than it was before.

        Peter unfortunately cannot separate himself from the government and that ha always been the basic on which Jamaicans make their voting decision.

        I guess we want to see that change now, which is exactly what I have been saying for a very long time.

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