Another Cabinet Retreat, Dammit, when will they begin to advance

The Portia Simpson Miller led cabinet is once again in retreat. This latest retreat commenced yesterday and will end today and it will be business as usual there after.

Since the PNP has been in power, this will be either the 6th of 7th retreat and the end result of this one will no doubt be the same as the other

  1. No address to the Nation by the Prime Minister
  2. No address on the matter of crime
  3. Nothing new on growing the economy
  4. Nothing about improving the lives of Jamaica.

Will this Government begin to :

  1. Advance the economy
  2. Advance against crime
  3. Advance a plan to improve the lives of Jamaicans
  4. Advance a plan against corruption (Barnswell is still Mayor)


Damn retreat, retreat and more retreat !

Why don’t they just surrender and get the heck out of Jamaica house, so we can have people there who can begin to move this country forward.

Fed up !

2 Responses

  1. Jay, to be protected from crime you have to be chinese..

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