What’s the value of consultants in Jamaica ?

In the 1980’s Jamaica had a trade surplus with Caricom and in general terms the economy was doing fairly well. The crime rate was well below what it is now, the dollar was relatively stable and things were looking up and then it went all wrong.

Jamaica since then has received billions of dollars in loans and grants, as well as investments, but despite that , most of the major indicators are heading south.

Today we have more consultants than ever before, with Doctorates and Master who have been given contracts paying significants sums, but to what end.

What value are we receiving from the many consultants employed by the successive governments and in particular the PNP.
What are they bringing to the table (apart from knife and fork to eat a food)?
How do we measure their effectiveness ?
What are the terms and references of their contracts?

Typically when one engages the services of a consultants a need was first identified that could not have been filled by someone currently in the organization.

Before the consultant is engaged there are generally very specific things on the agenda, among these are

Deliverables time based
Specific contract period
Possible renewal terms.

In Government I am not sure what exist as these consultants seem to exist forever, ending only when the government in power changes, but what are they really delivering to Jamaica.

I am also aware that many consultants make recommendations that are grounded in facts, but these are pushed aside as they do not meet a political agenda and could cause loss of votes, which cannot be allowed to happen.

So each year we dole out millions of dollars in consultations fees and the returns are next to nothing !

How long will this madness continues ?


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