Government says no new taxes, Jamaicans say, hell no Tax us more.

One business person proposed a tax on hair and nail products as a way of increasing government revenue. This came against the background of a projected $1b worth of those products this year.

The Gleaner apparenlty has found that there is support for this new tax in sections of downtown Kingston.

Hair extentions are off course a non essential item widely used and more popular amongst a certain social class of people in Jamaica, more so that others.

I can hear some people saying this suggestion is classist in nature given that those at the lower strata of the Jamaican society have a greater propensity to consume this product than others and so this tax is another attack on the poor who are only trying to look good.

I even heard it being said ” a want dem nuh want ghetto people look brown and wear long hair too, a weh dem a go wid dat”.

I firmly believe that the goj ought to look at plugging revenue leakage, which would offer a long term solution to our revenue problem, vs placing additional taxes on those already burden by heavy tax.

Its so bad that the goj places tax on top of tax.
Case in point, you pay 25% tax on call credits for your mobile phone, then you pay taxes on calls you make with the very credit you just paid to allow you to make these calls.

Will the GOJ add new taxes given the call for additional taxes from Jamaicans or should I say one Jamaican.

It would also be nice to hear a call for the goj to be more prudent on how they spend what they collect.


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