The most educated among us are the least productive

There are many persons today pursuing Bachelors, Masters and even Doctorates  and an increasing amount are present in the work place today, than 20 yrs ago, so why are we worse off economically and why have our production levels falling and corruption increasing.

Education is supposed to allow us to achieve the reverse of what I have mentioned above, so why are we seeing this worrying trend in Jamaica.

More persons are seeking individuals with Master’s degree to enter the place of work and many individuals seeking higher level degree so they can become Managers and enjoy the “trappings” that comes along with being in management.

Many of these persons have never experienced what it means to be a productive individual, moving from prep/primary school to high school and to university, never spending a day making something in the manufacturing world.

Our “brightest”  minds are not often engage if problem solving, finding ways to improve plant operational efficiency,  instead most spend all day in air condition offices in meetings and pushing paper around.

I posit that for Jamaica to really improve its productivity index, we need more technical competent workers and less managers. We have a work force that is made of those folks who either did not get a chance to get a good education or those who went through the system, got subjects but were not in a position to finance their university education.

Our so called educated and bright managers have not seen it necessary to train and develop these individuals and in so doing provide a reasonable rate to them for their efforts, instead the focus has been keep their salaries as low as possible and pay them just enough so they just survive.

What we therefore have a bunch of bright minds trying to manage those or are less “educated” ( by that  mean non-degreed), with second class used and large energy consuming   equipment, to try and get a first class product at a low cost, how smart is that.

What makes the equation even worse, is the worker who is asked to work under hot and sometimes very uncomfortable position is not only the least paid, but is subjected to the worse kind of treatment one could ever imagine. They are not paid a livable wage, they live from pay check to pay, take cash advance, borrow money from places like quick cash and are always living on the edge.

In contrast the mangers gas bill for the week could pay the salaries of two full time employees who are engaged in the manufacturing process.

The entire system needs to be given a serious review if we are to move forward and must move towards an incentive based system for all concerned. It cannot be that the line workers make all the sacrifices and the management team enjoy all the benefits.

Now I am not suggesting that we get up and pay  line workers a ton of cash, but we certainly must move to tie compensation to productivity improvements, while getting more competent persons in at this level.


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