Portia Simpson Miller running out of places to hide.

Madame Prime Minister , it seems like you need to take that trip to the UK after-all, given than you appear to be running of places to hide and people are becoming fed-up with you at this stage. The Prime Minister is using up all her political capital in her quest to run and hide from the Jamaican media and soon won’t be able to offer any more excuses for not being able to speak to the media.

Portia continues to play victim by suggesting she is being disrespected by the media, in their question to get her to respond to questions of national interest.

If the Prime Minister would simply setup a number of press conferences,  where she can avail herself for questions, then maybe we would not be having this problem, but her constant need to dodge tough questions gives reporters no choice but to ambush her whenever they can.

This Prime Minister is not doubt one of the most evasive we have ever seen and the media continues to play a role in ensuring she gets away with it . I am no longer going to be calling on the PM to speak to the people of Jamaica, I will be speaking to her loud and clear in 2015 and I will  be encouraging all those I come in contact with to so the very same.

Portia won’t talk her way out office, but by remaining silent and not speaking to us, she can be reassured that she won’t have a need to speak to us from the opposition benches if the JLP can get act together .


2 Responses

  1. A lie mi lie, the PM heads to Belgium today

  2. Jay appears to have been right on target once again, given what is now appearing in the media via Bill Johnson poll.

    Like I have said before, one may not like the message but the truth cannot be hidden for too long and will eventually come to the surface.

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