Jamaicans now have begun to eat mongoose !

I predicted that as time gets tough and tougher would begin to eat stuff they would not normally eat, but when persons gets desperate anything can happen. Now we have reports of persons have begun to eat mongoose as part of their daily diets.

There is no oxtail, no pork chops, no chicken back, instead these have been replaced with crocodile and now mongoose.

It’s clear that the direction the Portia Simpson Miller is leading the country in have people resorting to desperate means simply to stay alive. Never before in our history have Jamaicans eaten these animals and really is a sign of the time.

I shudder for my dogs now as they could not become the next target of desperate and hungry Jamaicans


Mongoose. Now on the plate on many Jamaicans.

In Trinidad they(the Indians) eat a rodent called a manicou pictured below.





Clovis Toon

Courtesy: Jamaica Observer


15 Responses

  1. Reports of donkey meat consumption is beginning to surface.

  2. July 22, 2008
    News Email E-mail this story
    Health dept allays donkey meat fears

    In light of reports that there may be donkey meat on the market, the St Catherine Public Health Department is seeking to assure consumers that detailed investigations are being carried out and steps being taken to ensure that such meat does not make it to our local markets.

    This announcement comes after the heads of 10 donkeys, as well as several bags full of intestines, were discovered on a farm in Church Pen, Old Harbour, last Friday.

    Anthony Thomas, chief public health inspector for St. Catherine told THE STAR that the health department was very concerned about the recent reports. He said, “Because of the latest reports, we have increased our vigilance within all meat-related establishments. We have our public health inspectors visiting them to determine the source of their meat supply.”

    He added that if the donkeys were indeed slaughtered for food purposes, the meat could not make it through the formal system. He said, “We have well-trained inspectors who can identify and differentiate that carcass from that of, say, a cow. A major identifying factor is that we know that animals from the equine family, including donkeys, have 18 pairs of ribs.”


    • They need to go and check again. The last report back then did not appear to have been true.

      While at it they should check for horse meat also.

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  3. ‘Be Careful Of Donkey Meat’

    RICHMOND, St Mary:

    PEOPLE’S NATIONAL Party (PNP) president Portia Simpson Miller has warned South East St Mary voters to be wary of being fed donkey meat by Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) operatives seeking to win them over.

    Simpson Miller, addressing a PNP gathering in Richmond on Wednesday evening, said the JLP is desperate to hold on to state power and that they would pull out all the stops to retain it.

    “They are coming now with more promises than patch mine,” she said.

    “All the farmers they are going to promise SUV and don’t give them, they are going to be, I understand, more fertiliser through PMOs, more chicken, all kind of things,” the PNP president said.


    • The subsequent report appears to have proven that the then opposition leader and now Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller was lying.

      Thanks for that timely reminder test.

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  4. I was giving Test a chance to save himself again from further embarrassment by doing his own research and then apologize to the blog on his own ignorance on the happenings in Jamaica, but you know comrades always in denial.

    Test says that my report on consumption of mongoose meat was another lie by commonsense.

    Surge in consumption of mongoose meat prompts public health warning

  5. Manicou is a Guyanese dish also. Very popular. The culinary tastes varies from island to island. Another example is that in St. Vincent, they eat Iguana’s. You actually see people selling them on the roadside. Bbq, stew, roast, etc.

    I am not justifying eating of mongoose and crocodile in anyway. As a former PM said, ‘I man not in dat’.

    Its really disturbing to see how backwards we are going and then to have the BOJ Governor saying we are moving in the right direction. Madness.

    • Trinidadians eats Iguana’s also, very tasty. When you get a meal of “mixed” meat in Trinidad its very likely contains iguana.

      Joke (real)
      A Jamaican goes to St Kitts and visits a place call Cayon and is invited to part take of soup being served at a party.
      The Jamaican consumes one cup of the soup and likes it and returns a number of times until he had consumed 6 cups.

      He is then taken later to the back of the shed where the soup was being prepared and showed the heads of monkey’s. he then asked ” wha dat fah”.
      He is told ” A dah wah you just eat een e soup” , meaning ” the soup you had was made from monkey meat”.

      Some folks on the island of St Kitts and Nevis do consume monkey meat.

  6. After seeing proof, little Test runs back into hiding, waiting for what he thinks is an error by Jay to run out and try to ” lick him again” . 🙂
    Poor little thing.

  7. Test is going to have a fit when he sees what clovis drew today. Easy Test nuh tun up u blood pressure cuz u will get a stroke !

  8. Test can you posit a view, why Jamaicans have now begun to eat all these once taboo meat under this PNP government ?

    I guess you are now convinced that Jay story was not a hoax. So much time you have Tested th veracity of my post , which were never in the mainstream media, only to run and hide when all is finally made available to the wider public.

    You need to stop “Test” me, as you always seem to come out on the losing end. If Jay say a so it go, then a so it go.

    • Huh? You stated above that you have eaten iguana meat while studying in Trinidad and you found very “tasty” (you words, not mine). I take it you were a Jamaican at that time, so apparently Jamaicans (you among them), hvave been part taking of these exotic meats for a very longggg time. 😀

      Reading the Star piece, I notice it was centered around the St. Thomas area (you hometown) and made mention the fact that the mongoes and croc meat was been consumed by the Chinese. That had me thinking that you might have import your exotic taste back to St. Thomas after your tour of duty overseas and that you are in fact of Chinese-decent, possibly, born in China. 🙄

      Unfortunately, none of the links you provided prove conclusively that any indigenous Jamaicans are in fact eating these forbidden animals. At the most, it6 suggest a few have resorted to eating these meats because of their inherently bckward belief system that it inceases their libido. Maybe, just maybe the well to do St. Thomasites knows something the rest of us Jamaicans are clueless about. I’m hoping it spreads islandwide and we will count as one of the major accomplishments of the current PNP Administration, the total elimination of mangoose…..a rather vexing centuries old problem. Who to tell, we might just see a resurgence in our native iguana population that was decimated by the introduction of the non-native mangoose some many centuries ago. This, I believe, will make you very happy, since you won’t have to travel to Trinidad anymore Welcome back former when the urge arises for iguana stew/soup! Lastly, this might be the tipping point for your return to the PNP fold. Prematurely……Welcome back former Comrade……Heh heh heh….

      • I had a good laugh reading this just now. Hahahaha

        I think you would do well with stand up comedy.
        I have a link if you want to try it out.

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