Is the JLP victory in Cassia Park a sign of No Confidence in the Leadership of the PNP?

The leadership of the People’s National Party (PNP) says a win in the Cassia Park by-election today would confirm that voters believe the party is the better choice to improve their quality of lives.  ( Jamaica Gleaner, Thursday, Aug 8, 2013).

If the above statement is true then by the laws of deduction, the following must also be true.

A loss in the Cassia Park by-elections today would confirm that voters no longer believes that the party (The PNP) is the better choice to improve their quality of lives.

Now that the voters went out and spoke via their votes, which was a rejection of the PNP candidate, it  can also be viewed as a sign that the average Jamaica is fed-up with the sorry state of affairs in the country and the quality of the   leadership or lack thereof being offered by this PNP lead administration. It also can be seen as a clear rejection of the party leader Portia Simpson Miller and her policies, which have done more to hurt rather than helping the poor of Jamaica.

The PNP leadership will no doubt go back to the drawing board and try to figure out what may have gone wrong with their election machinery with the hopes of ensuring this is a one off loss.

Andrew Holness and the hierarchy of the JLP must now rise off their laurels and move with haste to reach out to the down trodden people of Jamaica. They must use this loss by the PNP to tell the people of Jamaica, that this is a clear rejection of the policies of the PNP, which since coming to office. has made life very difficult for Jamaicans and nothing short of  a living nightmare.

They must spend the next few weeks moving around and starting to present themselves as a viable alternative , while cementing the point that less than 18 months after victory, the people have suffered so much, they now want to see the back of the PNP.  They must make the point that it has gotten so bad that poor people cannot even get to buy chicken back, which means 3 more years of the PNP could spell disaster for the country, as people could literally starve.

Before all of this is done however, the JLP must get the top right, there needs to be clear leadership at the top or they will risk losing this all in a hurry.

Commonsenseja is heartened by the position taken by the voters in Cassia Park , which appears to show they are more about substance than fluff.


6 Responses

  1. Dr. Run Wid it will present his case for an encore performance. This is indeed a wake up call, but you will have the ‘spinners’ saying its only a by-election in a jlp safe seat.

  2. The stronger candidate won. The PNP candidate credentials was only family. She could not talk or engage the people. The PNP tried to convince the people to vote for the party and not the candidate, but the electorate wanted the stronger candidate (as it should be)

  3. A win is a win and the JLP is really desperate for a win. Indeed Baby Bruce said “this is my first win”. Time will tell.

  4. I see Mich has started the name calling. Hope he will not criticise when it is reciprocated. And the Baby Bruce thing is sort of old now.

    • Chucks has referred to “Dr. Run Wid It” in his post above. That is much older than Baby Bruce.

      • Nice one Mich. I like your come back to @Anon foolish attempted to call you out for calling Holness “Baby Bruce”, while totally ignoring the first post of the thread, where his fellow Labourite, Chucks, labeled Omar Davis as “Dr. Run Wid it”. These Labourites have a perverse way of thinking that is beyond comprehension.

        Just look at Jay’s determine effort to extrapolate a SINGLE win in a bi-election for a councillor seat. One cannot generate a line from a single data point, yet Jay wants to infer/project a whole series of conclusions from a single event. What is even more disturbing was Jay’s earlier declarations about his Quality Assurance background. Oh boy, I guess ZERO products left the factory floor with Jay as the QA person. One “bad” product and jay reject the entire production batch!!! 🙄

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