The real Public Health Crises !

There is a terminology that I first saw really epitomized in the movie called Face Off and its a scene where John Travolta appeared to have stepped unto a helicopter which later crashed and he was thought to have died. The scene was a clever act of misdirection, where what we thought we saw, was not actually what occurred.

The Minister of Health in Jamaica has over the last three weeks have Jamaicans really caught up in the debate over a public health crises in what I will call the “created smoking health crises” and the merits of the new smoking regulations .

While this hullabaloo is  going on, it has served to masked the real crises that exist in the healthcare sector and is reminiscent of the misdirection I highlight above in ” Face Off”. Now it’s not that anything is wrong with the new smoking regulations, its more so its timing, when we have a major public health crises going on.

Hospitals are currently running without basic medication, syringes, needles, equipment cannot be sterilized as the machine used to perform that function ( an autoclave) is not working. Doctors are not be through in their care of patients and while other doctors are aware, they remain silent for fear of the backlash.

We have persons literally dying at the hospitals due to lack of care, we have shortage of beds, the waiting times are excessively long, Doctors and Nurses are overworked and making mistakes, some of which, are tragic and the families of those who have died are not even aware of the horrible mistakes that are being made , which have resulted in the loss of their loved ones.

The horror stories being told by Doctors in the system have pushed me to the point where I have made sure that none of my family members or friends go to the public hospitals for healthcare. Now Andrews Memorial and Medical Associates( Expensive) are the preferred places to go, but one must note that Andrews Memorial does not handle gunshot wounds and you will have no choice to go to KPH or the UHWI if you find MA fees too high.

KPH does have better ability to deal with these trauma cases, which is what many would not know and could be misled to believe that UHWI is better place for this.

Cancer in kids is a major issue right now in Jamaica and a visit to ward # ( I will leave that out )at the UHWI is heartrending. This particular ward holds many of the kids today, who have been stricken with cancer and many have been there for months getting healthcare.  Parents have camped out in chair at their kids bedside not wanting to leave them for a  minute as the poor souls battle the very serious affliction.

The nurse on the ward I have found to be very pleasant and caring for the most part and have built a great rapour with the kids as well as their parents as they try their best under trying circumstances  to make the burden a bit easier for them.

One patient who I and my family have been visiting for the past 3 months made her exit from this world midday, July 29, 2013. She fought a hard battle, her mom and sister were constantly at her bedside caring for her as best as they could, but sadly she passed, the pain was just more than her young body could bear.

As I sat to write this piece I reflected on the life of the many others who I saw their during my many visits and wondered how many of them will get the care they need to make it out alive.

I also reflected on the live of 5 year old  Malkyah Natasha  Muirhead who died on July 21, 2013 also to the dread Cancer after losing the fight with this disease . Her funeral will take place this weekend, Saturday, Aug 3, 2013  at the Church of the open Bible, folly road Port Antonio, Portland.

These are the stories we don’t hear of, these are real people who try as they may are not match for some of these illness and our creaking healthcare system have failed many of them.

So Doctor Ferguson  Commonsenseja is saying, I hear you on the smoking thing as that will help prevent other from getting cancer, but don’t lose sight of the immediate public health crises on our hands right this minute.



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  1. You are right Jay. So why are the idiots killing off themselves on the road in crashes when we have no hospital service.

    Of course, when any politician or their family have a toothache them fly off to Miami at public expense.

    I just don’t know how people don’t go “postal” in this country

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