Why is our clear-up rate for crimes so low ?

The country has been lead to believe and appears to be convinced, that the reason the education system is so bad, is because we have very bad teachers in the system.

This may be partially true, but how does one juxtapose this with the performance of  schools such Immaculate, Champion, Ardene, Wolmber Boys/girls, Glenmiur and other high performing schools.

How about the performance of schools like Haile Selassie High, Donald Quarrie, Seaforth High etc.

What makes the former schools such high performer while the others are much lower performing schools.

I am sure the first answer would be the quality of teacher recruited/attracted by the former vs the later, which would be part of the answer but not the entire answer.

Now to be topical issue, why is our crime clear up rate so low?

Answer : Because our policemen and women are doing a very poor job !

Clearly the above answer could not possibly be the only reason.

Having spent billions of dollars in providing bullet proof vest, ballastic helmet, guns, motor cars, pickups, motor bikes , armoured vehicles, our crime situation continues to go south and the clear up rate continues to decline.

The end result of this in an increase in both mob and police killings, which brings about swift justice and the crimes associated with those persons who have been eliminated are recorded as being “cleared up” by police statisticians.

So the question for the Minister of National Security is, should continue to throw money at the system and hope for improved results or do we cut the benefits and funding for the members of the security forces and use the savings to address some of the social conditions that breeds crime?

As a country can be afford to be changing the entire fleet of police vehicles every three years, can we afford the huge cost to repair police vehicles  while paying billions of dollars to these cops, when clearly we are not getting value for money?

You see folks, we cannot take a “blinkered” approach to any system where the results are not in keeping with our expectations, because by doing so, we only succeed in what I term “pigeon holing” ourselves and taking actions that most likely will not produce improvements we hope to achieve  and in fact  we often  make the situation worse than before.

We therefore need to take a holistic approach to our problems and look at all the factors that interact with the system and determine based on available data, the effect ( good or bad ) of each and then create a comprehensive plan to eliminate or reduce the effect of the negative/bad ones while accentuating those that are good/positive.

In Jamaica we never seem to look for, find and correct root cause of problems, instead we choose what is political expedient at the time, put that up as the “strawman” and hopes it last long enough before being debunked only to have another “strawman” take it’s place.

The Jamaican public is largely gullible and rarely seek to determine the “truth” because many of us really are not interested in the truth. We are not a people with inquiring  mind and are quick to accept all manner of bullshit as long as it sounds good. This explains why more than half of Jamaica got ripped of by CashPlus, Worldwise, Olint, Higgins Warner , May Daisy and the list goes on and on.

Its a serious indictment on the country and it not so much a lack of formal education as it its our propensity to believe the unbelievable simply because its appears to be good even though a  5 min analysis would tell us what these guys promised could not possibly be delivered .

Why I say its not education is many persons who had formal education fell victim to these scammers who where a lot less “educated” than the persons, who were scammed. This seems to define logic, but not in Jamaica, where logic is largely non-existent where it matter the most.

So do we still believe that our clear up rate is low because our “bad” policemen and women in the police force  are doing are very poor job ?

If we still believe this lies at the heart of our problems, then let’s ask the next obvious question and that is why ?

More on this later…


One Response

  1. I see the new deputy commissioner has decided to do something, but will he succeed.

    Mr Williams, I do have some ideas which I am positive will be able to help you in this effort.
    I do have some insight in how the criminal mind works and is sure I can help the efforts if you and your team are truly sincere.


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