Where is the sense of Urgency to fix our problems ?

I may sound like a broken record here, but I cannot help but ask, where is the sense of URGENCY to get the right things done in Jamaica.

This administration prior to coming into office spoke about the “progressive agenda”, its mouth pieces with access to media lauded it as one of the best documents that has ever been created in a long time.

Less than three years later, the progressive agenda appears to have been replaced by the IMF Agenda and once again the commentators are lauding this agenda as the best of that could have been negotiated at this point in time.

This government does not appear to buy into the notion that one should lead by example and therefore expects everyone to make whatever personal sacrifices that may be necessary to “save”
Jamaica, but they should not be called upon to share in the burden.

Our leaders in Jamaica have over the years been entitled to certain benefits that comes with the office/position they hold in government and those have only increased over the years with no commensurate improvement in the performance of the country in any area .

The education sector is a mess, but the government blame the teachers and not its failed policies for that failure.

The health sector is a mess, but government takes no responsibility for that and the excuse is we have no money to fix the system.

The transportation system is a mess and half of the fleet of buses are park out near lakes-pen, because we either have no money to fix then or something else.

The fire system is a mess, we do not have fire trucks because somehow we managed to buy trucks for which we cannot now get spare parts.

Rapid response trucks have disappeared, once again because we don’t have the money to fix them and cannot seem to find spares for these trucks

We buy regular stock cars for police and then wonder why after a few years, the cars are mere shells leaving our cops immobile.

We buy spanking new SUV’s of the best class for our politicians because they must travel in style in vehicles are are largely fuel inefficient, while these vehicles remain parked on Duke Street with ac running until the minister is ready to leave. We do all this because we have no money.

We borrow billions of dollars to build highways because once you do so investment will flow along these roadways, so this is a very good investment.

We borrow and build a convention center, because once you do this, we will be able to attract large conference at this location.

We build an airport at Boscobel, because by doing so we will be able to attract ” high roller” to Jamaica. Now that the high rollers are not coming, we should spend more to extend the runway and if that is done, we will be able to attract international flight to this airport.

We build a multi-billion dollar marina in Port Antonio, because once we do so, we will be able to attract mega size yatch to Port Antonio and the local economy will take off and it will “save” Jamaica.

Now we are being  convinced if we build a mega size logistics center somewhere in Jamaica making this the 4th such center in the world, money will flow into Jamaica like never before.

We were also told that we need to build a 360MW plant and that will drop electricity rates by upwards of 30%.

Which of the items above, which have been implemented has resulted in the gains, which we were told we were going to see and why have they all seemed to fail so far?

Now we should cut out study leave for teachers to upgrade themselves and save the country $2.5b, really ?

Ok, lets assume that the Minister is right ( I know he is wrong but for the sake of this argument, let’s assume he is), what is the plan for those phantoms savings ?

No one has cared to ask, because  the public has been lead to believe, teacher entitlement are unsustainable and this is part of the reason for students poor performance.

I am sure our nurses, policemen and other public sector workers head will be on the chopping block soon.

Mark you, I believe that the public sector ( and I am excluding teachers, nurse and the police) are filled with party faithful, who are non contributors and are instead taking from the country.

Why did we not start here and cut the waste ?

Well, we don’t want to upset the apple cart and cut loyal supporters, how could we do that?

I am fast losing hope that we can get it right, we have  some many persons who we called ” leader” but are totally lacking in vision or the conviction take the actions necessary to bring about meaningful change.

It will take a massive uprising to bring about any meaningful change in Jamaica.  I was told yesterday that, no such uprising will ever take place in Jamaica, so Jay that is just wishful thinking and things will remain as they are or get worse.

It’s not hurting us enough.


5 Responses

  1. Good summary Jay! No, it is definitely not hurting enough as yet.

  2. Just say on CVM TV where the police station at Boscobel Airport had no running water or electricity at this INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT !

    Un freaking believable !

    only in Jamaica

  3. China has invested over 100 billion dollars in Africa and by 2015 the African middle class will consist of 100 million people. However, Africa should diversify its economy, the growth is based on the commodity markets. For example during 2000- 2008 the commodities market contributed 25% to Africa growth. Corruption; however may hold back Africa’s growth

  4. instead of investing in ourselves we borrow money to invest in other people. its a good look.

    random pdf; http://isi.cbs.nl/iamamember/CD2/pdf/403.PDF

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