Portia ” we know how to balance the lives of Jamaicans”

Portia Simpson Miller while in opposition had boldly declared.

” We must not only balance the books, we must also balance people’s  lives”

“Fiscal target  can’t eat and people can’t sleep on balance sheet”


Right now the Portia Simpson Miller administration sole focus is on achieving the fiscal target surplus of 7.5% as stipulated by the IMF.

What did Portia Simpson Miller say again about fiscal targets?

What the government has sought to done, in trying to meet ( not eat) this target is to raise taxes, raid every public sector company, while reducing real wages among the Jamaica population.

What a big lie that has been “sold” to the Jamaica people, who according to Audley Shaw are now showing signs of Kwashiorkor or  ” bang belly” using the Jamaican colloquial language. Of course Shaw was referring to the economy, but I think is just as good terminology for the people, who cannot now buy food with nutritional value, as the simply cannot afford it.

Our lives are a living nightmare under this PNP administration.  Wait a minute, who had promised to be Jamaican’s worst nightmare?



balancing act


Portia balancing people’s the lives of Jamaicans.


What a great job she has done thus far


P= Pain

N = N






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