National Security Minister says” Only God can save Jamaica” !

Peter Bunting in an emotional presentation, where he almost shed tears said ” despite the efforts of the security forces, I am  convinced that only divine intervention, can solve Jamaica’s crime problem”

Mr Bunting said ” I am going through a dark path, I see the security forces working day and night and despite those efforts we are seeing very little headway in this crime fighting efforts. Despite the lack of success, I will keep moving on in the effort, knowing that I have support”

At one point in the presentation, Peter Bunting paused, fighting hard to hold back tears before continuing with his voice cracking as he tried desperately to avoid breaking down completely.

Was Peter Bunting appeal to a higher being and his emotional breakdown a sign of failure  and/or weakness or just a truism and an admission that Jamaica has gone beyond the point of no return and the PNP does not have the solution to our crime problem despite their (the PNP)  pronouncements in the past ?

Here is the video you all have been waiting for


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  1. Peter Bunting speech sounded like a man who had come face to face with the crime monster and leads one to wonder if this was not a cloaked admission that something happened recently, which was more than what we were told.

  2. Jay, if this story is correct, saw it on onthegroundnews “ONG” then Jamaica is done. Once they have started robbing hotels where tourists are god help us all per the National Security Minister. See report below.

    A Security Guard has been hospitalised in serious condition after he foiled a robbery by armed men who attempted to enter the Royal Grand Palladium Resort on jet skis from the sea, in Lucea, Hanover this morning. Sometime after 1 am today, four men on jet skis attempted to enter the resort, when they were challenged by the Security Guard. According to Irie FM News, the men opened fire while fleeing, and the Security Guard was shot twice in the chest and leg.
    The injured Security Guard was rushed to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.
    Police who arrived on the scene shortly after the incident, accosted a man spotted at the front of the resort, who was wet and had what appeared to be sand all over his body.
    During questioning the man could not give a valid account of why he was in that condition.
    He was then taken into custody for further questioning.
    Investigations into the incident continue.

    • The Bunting story is 100% correct.

      Many persons in Jamaica are in denial, but my eyes are wide open unlike some whose eyes are “wide-shut”

  3. With a Prison System bursting at the seams, a Court System overwhelmed with cases, a DPP office staffed with inexperience Attorneys, a Justice System that cannot protect potential witnesses and a Police Force that cannot be trusted with sensitive data (and their low “solve” rate for murder cases), it would be foolish of the Minister to arrive at any alternative conclusion. Couple the foregoing with the fact that Jamaica has some very seasoned/hardened criminals, who despite their low educational accomplishment, can outsmart just about any intelligence gathering apparatus that the GOJ can put in place.

    This certainly leads one to conclude that our country is teetering on the brink of slipping into anarchy. The layout of most of the crime infested communities makes it difficult to conduct covert surveillance of criminals, difficult to infiltrate these communities and nearly impossible for outsiders to enter these communities undetected. The widespread use of zinc-facade in these ghettos makes the pursuit of thugs by law enforcement a dangerous undertaking. Entire communities are left to cowered and left with a feeling of hopelessness, paralyze to do anything to help themselves.

    The simple solution is to identify the bad guys (and the police know who they are) and systematically eliminate them on the spot. No apprehension or jury trial. This should be done in waves to send a strong signal that if you are aligned with gangs or any criminal enterprise that you will be cut down in the same manner innocent citizens are slaughtered on a daily basis. Maybe we should label them Enemies of the State (Terrorists) and employ “human drones” to take them out. If the USA can do it and it is acceptable to all, why shouldn’t we emulate their strategies to eliminate the threats pose by these thugs?

    I have said it before and I will say it again, there is no other way. What you think Jay, are you on board with set up of the “sanitation squads” to eliminate the trouble makers or are we going to continue talking about the “crime problem” for the rest of our lives, while the criminals pick us off one by one? Yes, there might be some collateral damage, but if implemented properly, this can be kept to a minimum.

    • Do what you are proposing and we would be in a state of war.

      BTW I thought the PNP and Portia had all the answers, now sadly we see that they don’t and have instead turned to invoking a “higher being” to save Jamaica.

      Interesting turn of events.

  4. Getting and making easy money is quite different from finding solutions to our complex social problems. Sitting in an office and brokering deals for a desperate “friendly govt” is really not a stressful undertaking so it must be quite challenging having to do actual work for the first time. Possibly overwhelming??

    • Why do you people care about this mediocre administration so much. Both phillips and Knight were epic failures as ministers. Why do you expect anything better from Bunting? Jamaicans are so gullible, prior to the general election people like Sharon Hay Webster and Damion Crawford were saying that the pnp lost its way and unfortunately the electorate still had confidence in that backward outdated party.

  5. Jay, I think we are already in a state of war. In my opinion this article points to “Special Operations Units” operating in Jamaica. How can this happen on such a busy Thoroughfare and no one saw anything? Only a highly trained unit that can pull off such a stunt. 🙂

    • 25 Gunmen working for 5 hrs undetected?
      Cops patrol that rd, based on what I have seen very frequently. In fact since the start of the year I have seen them patrolling every night up and down from The round a bout to rockfort.

      Obviously it was well planned and well orchestrated. I wonder if the gas end up at the “circle” . I am wondering how they have been able to maintain those very low petrol prices.

      • Could this be going towards the financing of our much needed Revolution??

      • Jay, how many companies or individuals own 5+ five fuel tankers? I wager that this is an insider job. How do you commandeered a facilitity with four Security Guards without a single shot being fired? As you said, it is not easy to unload that amount of fuel on the market, where there must be some placxe to temporarily store the fuel or the fuel must still be in those 5 Tankers.

        BTW, during the 1980s, didn’t gang(s) (from Warieka Hills?) use to regularly rob the Four Mill located in that same vicinity?

        • Inside job or not what frightens the s@@t out of me is how is possible to have a convoy of 25 gunmen travelling the streets of Kingston undetected.

          I can now see Peter Bunting’s frustration as nothing we try seems to work in Jamaica and not only crime, NOTHING !

          We see tankers on the sides of the roads everyday parked at certain places all the time, so all these guys do is act normal. Park the trucks in the usual spots and that would not arouse any suspicion.

          What is equally scary is that these trucks are not all from one area and so someone had to coordinate the dispatching of these trucks from the various location to the rendezvous site as well as organizing the security details, which must have been paid handsomely for their efforts.

          So who organized the trucks, the truck drivers, the security detail and how come that police patrol in the Jimmy is always on that stretch of road was not present that night.

          I don’t expect much to come from this, given than an entire beach was stolen and no one went prison.

          Peter you are right, only divine intervention can save Jamaica.

  6. Considering the nature of the product from a “National Security” standpoint. Why would they not have surveillance cameras?

  7. One should note the robbery took place on Tuesday night and today is Sunday and its the first we are hearing about it.

  8. The minister has condeeded that he cannot manage our crime situation. Suppose he thought it was easy sailing as Dudus was Jamaica’s crime problem. I have not heard that Dudus is back.

    It is good to invoke divine intervention but the Lord helps those who help themselves so strong leadership will still be needed. I suppose the PM should now be looking for a replacement!

    • Never expected him to? A quick research would indicate that we need specialists in that area. Added to this is the fact that politics is always thrown into the mix. We also have the dpp and our justice system busy freeing the thugs who have had the time to redesign and improve their operations.

      • Sam, word is more thugs are being freed that we are being told. Not only that those behind bars are just as active today as they would have been on the streets.
        Word is they are being provided much help to carry out their deeds. When a snr cop can turn up in an area and the Don says ” Just wait over deh so until a done with this bredda yah, we inna a meeting”, you know we have passed the point of no return.

        Peter Bunting is right the solution to crime is beyond his capacity or that of his party.

        • Jay, there have to be reasons why this is allowed to flourish? The benefits obviously go way beyond the “Dons”? The current leadership of both the pnp and the jlp cannot be the answer since they have been the architects of our predicament.

  9. @ Sam that leaves us with the question, given that both parties have failed and or failing, where do we go from here ?

  10. In civilized countries, CITIZENS report suspicious activities and give information to law enforcement. Not so in Jamaica, for good reasons. It is unfair to expect a single person, a Minister, to solve our entrenched crime problem.

    The demonstration of emotion by the Minister is not, for me, a demntration of failure, but a recognition of how systemic and deep our crime problem is. I have no doubt that his recent, personal experience of crime factored into his reaction, not to mention the recent passing of his Mother.

    The funadamental problem is that, in Jamaica, people are not provided with opportunities to earn a living honestly. I don’t make excuses for those who say “mi hungry therefore….., but I know persons who are the first in their family to go to College and have been unemployed for the last two years.

    If we don’t fix the economy, which is unlikely, at least in the short term, we aint seen anything yet. Jamaica is a destroyer of dreams and potential – just as how our dollar has depreciated over the decades, it is the same way we have treated our people.

    It was Renato Adams who lamented that he was “given a sick society to police”. He also predicted that the country would have paid a high price for Tivoli, and we did (as did BG).

    And Hardley Lewin told us that if we don’t do something about the “criminal production factories” killing a couple of “gunmen” from time to time, or even weekly, is not going to solve the problem.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we can climb on our high horses and blame millionaire Bunting, who can afford not to live here, or we can stop, reflect, and do something in our small corner to rescue our country.

    I think the first order of business is to hold ourselves and our Politicians accountable. Right now, for example, we must insist that State Minister Richard Azan be fired and ensure that it is not a “nine day wonder” like a contempous comrade said on TV.

    Its time for real people power – are we going to join demonstrations called by civil society groups? We are very close to the precipice (some would say we are already over it), its action time now for those who must live here and cannot migrate like Lady Allen or Rev Stanley Redwood.

    It is easy to cuss PB, the hard part to be part of the solution.

    This is the longest post I have made on this Blog.

    • And damn good post too!! Well said…there are those who always seek to politicize everything, even our crime problem. As you said, without our active participation of our Citizens, we will get no where fast. Most murders resolved due to eyewitness testimony. The problem is, our Citizens do not trust our Police with such sensitive information.

      The recent revelations about the thug/businessman, Uriel “Rooksie” James, clearly demonstrates how easily one can lose their life when they choose to cooperate with the Police and information is fed back to the criminal by the very same police. Now, this is an individual that has an existing murder case against him and was out on bail when some 7 individuals was supposedly killed. Look like the Judge is looking to extend his bail again, despite all the overwhelming evidence that a number of murders were linked to him, while he was out on bail for the 1999 murder. Are our Judges afraid of these thugs why they keep granting them bail?

      Knowing what I know and see with my own eyes, I wouldn’t cooperate with the Police either….and we are talking about senior level officer(s) here!

  11. Test politics has never been far from crime and as one bloggers suggested Bunting said Dudus was the major cause of crime in Jamaica.
    “The truth is that the reduction has happened in spite of the best effort of the Government, not because of it,” Bunting said.

    He argued that it was the extradition of Christopher Coke, alleged head of the Shower Posse which was headquartered in Tivoli Gardens, west Kingston, as well as sustained police presence that led to the reduction of crime.

    When it fits our agenda we say take out the politics, but use we us it when its convenient, especially when we try to ascribe success or blame to a particular regime.

    That aside we have a major problem and Bunting after coming face to face with crime has finally come to the realization that crime is beyond the political parties and is now crying out for help.

    He needs to step aside or shoved aside.

    In opposition he had the answers, now he is crying ” nuh care weh mi do nuttin nah work”.

    I will not let Bunting off the hook, he was robbed and he was busy covering it up and ensuring that people did not speak about what really happened, in attempt to “protect” his image.

    Therein lies a big part of our crime problem.

    • One of my major disappointments with Bruce is that after cleaning up his backyard, he should have continued the cleansing into the pnp garrisons. He had massive public support then(although the pnp voted against the extension of the SOE) and could have made a serious dent then?

  12. I have now added the video courtesy CVMTV for you to see Mr Bunting giving that speech where he broke down.

  13. When something hits close to home, it puts a different perspective on things. maybe the effects of his robbery just settling in

  14. Peter Bunting says no retreat, no surrender.

  15. While people are all caught up with Bunting bawling I went back to look at what he had to say about the crime numbers

    Bunting Says Jamaica’s Murder Rate Down 30%

  16. Blah, blah blah! Quite frankly Jay, you are eroding your credibility by posting this screed. The facts are in and Bunting has convinced the cabinet to hire 5000 more cops. When have you ever seen that done in recent memory? I certainly cannot remember that ever happening. Ask any policeman or woman and they will tell you about working 60 hour weeks mandatory and the havoc it wreaks on their family lives. You think this may contribute to cops going “mad” and doing “bad”? THis is precisely what we need to fight the crime monster in Jamaica; more boots on the road!
    Noticebly, you ignored these facts to carry on about Bunting, a man who just lost his mother and may have been feeling particularly vulnerable, as all human beings occasionaly do.
    Bunting will get the job done because he has say so in the party and is capable of convincing his ‘comrades” that the crime monster has gotten out of hand. The Pnp did nothing in their previous 27 years that was credible, the JLP did nothing in their 22 years that was credible, but now we have someone who has looked at the problem and rightly concluded that what has worked in NYC, LA, Bogata, London, and every where in between is more boots on the ground, and is doing precisely that; here comes your not very credible efforts to tear every shred of humanity from the man. Sorry, I don’t support almshouse. Expectations must be couched in reality, and you are going low here; especially since you know better. IT would be one thing if you didnt know better, ignorance is plentiful around here, but you do as you recently paraded your various plans to arrest crime. Sure you will try and parade as if what you are doing is about free speech, but the reality is way more lower to the gully side

  17. I post the facts for all too see. If the facts don’t suit your agenda don’t blame me.
    KJ said “The facts are in and Bunting has convinced the cabinet to hire 5000 more cops. When have you ever seen that done in recent memory? “

    Clutching at straws KJ, well I honestly can’t blame you. Do you know the difference between an announcement and actual implementation?
    Wake me up when that announcement has reached implementation stage.

    If I were to follow your comrade logic, we would have had LNG by now too , right afterall another Comrade Paulwell made many announcements.

  18. LOL. Ok, Where has 5000 more police ever been ANNOUNCED in Jamaica? As far as casting aspersions about my political affiliations or my agenda, i would suggest stopping in your tracks before you embarass yourself further because at the end of the day, what you posted was a LIE because you took quotes out of context to suit YOUR agenda and political alignment. YOu did not post all the facts for all to see, you posted snippets which you then turned on their head to suit your flawed logic. And so, I say again, you should be ashamed of yourself because you know better and deliberately lead fools astray. The facts are contained in the link below, not JAY complete and utter BS. Read it for yourself instead of relying on Jay’s weak propoganda efforts.

    • KJ, any reason why the Observer would take down that 5000 success story you are asking us to read? Lol!

  19. One challenge which will always be debated is the matter of fairness. Is it right to tell only part of the story, being selective in what is put in and what is left out? It doesn’t matter who does it. At the start of the week, “fire burning” flared up with a report that the minister of national security had given a speech in which he confessed to despair about the crime situation and concluded with a call for “divine intervention”. The report put the minister in the seat of a wuss, a wimp, lacking in courage and capability to fulfil his calling. Opposition spokesmen had no doubt that Mr Bunting should resign. Jamaicans for Justice was right up there, too, posting the eviction notice (even if his mother had died). Everybody weighed in.

    It turns out that the text of what Mr Bunting said had been heavily edited. By leaving out portions of the speech, the context of the “divine intervention” remark was taken away. That he was appealing to the community at large to play their part in the crusade against the criminal elements was never revealed, until publication of the full text in Wednesday’s Observer. The message, in its entirety, was nothing new. Every minister of security, at some time or another, has made a call to the community to lend its co-operation to defeat the crime monster which is crushing us all. Why then the editing which changed the whole direction of the speech? What did that serve?

    Read more:

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