Roger Clarke, Bobby Pickersgill needs to go, plus more !

Portia Simpson Miller needs to make some changes to her large whatnot right now and move towards a smaller and more functional cabinet.

Robert Pickersgill for example is a perennial non-performer/under achiever  and should be dismissed forthwith, he is baggage and contributes nothing to the Jamaica and is a drag on the country finances.

Roger Clarke has seen better days, he is incapable on managing this most critical sector and needs to be dismissed before he permanently cripples the agricultural sector in Jamaica.

Anthony Hylton seems to have gone comatose and his tenure so far has brought nothing in terms of investments to Jamaica.  15 months may be a bit short, but I still have not heard of any plans to get investment into this country being enunciated  by this minister.

Phillip Paulwell could very well play the role of Information Minister, he has been the most vocal Cabinet Minister, making some sort of announcements each week, but really nothing appears to be gaining traction.

Dr Omar Davis needs to go also, he was a failure in Finance, has blown a lot of hot air about JDIP and corruption, even though what we have so far is mismanagement and not corruption. JEEP is wasting a lot of money as is evident on Mountain View Ave, where the side walks have been dug up and many folks are out there doing masonry work and who appears to have very little skills.

In the meantime, this major rd leading from “uptown” to the Airport is riddled with pot holes in the very area where we are spending millions for JEEP ( bolo) work.

He chooses to waste money fighting with the Contractor General who appears to be simply asking for some transparency in the procurement process and Dr Run wid it appears to want to have none of that. He is one arrogant individual who appears to be of the belief that he has all the answers.

AJ Nicholson had pledge to restore Jamaicans credibility  on the international scene, but with the multiplicity of problems we are having in Jamaica  which, are making the international news, I am not sure how much success he will have, given that the lotto scam alone has scarred us in a big way.  I have not seen a single thing he has done yet to improve Jamaica’s image here of abroad.

Peter Bunting has presided over 15 months of insecurity and seems incapable of even protecting himself, given the recent run in he had with criminal elements of the country. BTW with  all the shenanigans  that is occurring with this case, the lies and obfuscation  will allow a criminal to walk free or spend very little time in jail. Many persons have been asked to ” keep quiet” in this case , while the Minister at the same time is urging Jamaicans to speak out about crime, talk what they know as without their help, crime cannot be solved . What a paradox.

Dr Peter Phillips appears to have finally convinced the IMF, World Bank and the IDB, that we can take on more debt, repay these debts and grow the economy  while reducing our debt to GDP ratio, which is something which we have had a very poor record at so far.

He has also successively managed to add a further $200B to our massive unsustainable debt, while at the same time pledging  to reduce of Debt/GDP (ratio) by presenting a contractionary budget which, by all accounts will lead to lower levels of economic activity and thus  lower levels of GDP. That must be some new type of mathematics that I have not yet studied, but which many Jamaicans are of the view will work. He has yet to present a credible plan to Jamaica outlying the specific set of actions that will be taken to generate growth, but Jamaicans remain eternally hopeful.

We are a nation of optimist even in the face of a reality , which suggest that what we are hopeful about simply won’t happen, but a nuh nuttin man.

Portia Simspon-Miller in the meantime  just works, works and works,  goes in retreats, then comes out and go back to working, working, working  while remaining silent for the most part.

She is saving money by having two houses being maintained by the people of Jamaica and refuses the many request to travel overseas as she attempts to share in the sacrifice of the country. She at the same time is ensuring the takes care of those at up-park camp by raiding the NHT ( who said don’t touch poor people money again, can someone remind me) to build a multiple billion dollar building for the those who can make a difference in the security of the country should a revolt starts and appears to have made a move to increase her personal  security by allegedly purchasing two bulletproof vehicles . To heck with the rest of us, where our one bedroom door can be kicked in and gunmen pump in bullets and walk away, never having to worry about being caught.

Over in the JLP

Andrew Holness  as opposition leader is being a kitty, seems to have lost his gonads and is being brutalized by a rampant PNP.

Mike Henry  needs to call it at day and ride off into the sunset.

Karl Samuda  can hang up his boots and go enjoy his retirement

Pernel Charles should call it quits, he has nothing more to contribute to this country.

James Roberston though much younger has just too much baggage and should step aside , his names appears where no politician name should appear and it does so way too often.

Daryl Vaz , does not know when to speak and when to shut-up his persona makes him a very “unlikable” character, plus arrogance is his middle name.

Bwoy looking back at all the above, its seems like we should just fire those on the left and those on the right in parliament and start all over again, thus giving this country a chance to finally exhale.

In this regard I must agree and commend Omar Azan for being bold and calling a spade a spade.

I think I now know what Portia Simpson Miller wants to repeal the buggery law. It appears the move is being made, to make it legal to !#$#@# Jamaicans, by bending us over a barrel. 😦


8 Responses

  1. Jay, where is your article on the great Margaret Thatcher? Portia maybe the pm of the people but Thatcher was my leader

    • Heh heh heh…Thatcher was my leader….Why? I would encourage you again to do some basic research before making these rather bold declarations. Seaga was your Hero, Thatcher was your leader, you might as well add Adolf Hitler hero worshiping list. They all seem to share a common trait. 😀

      • That’s rather harsh and unwarranted I think Test. You should apologize to Lipton for that Hitler remark.

      • Mr. Test you really like to listen to propaganda. According to Thatcher’s critics she detroyed the manufacturing sector, trade unions and communities. However, her critics do not speak about the crippling effects which corrupt trade unions that served the interest of greedy public servants had on the economy. They do not tell you that the coal mines and other state agencies were extremely inefficient, hence they were privatized. Thatcher, inherited an economy which was suffering from high inflation, low levels of productivity and anaemic growth.The average European economy was 10-15 percent ahead of Britain and the working class accounted for 67% of the population. By the time she left office it was 51%. In addition, the savings rate increased, London became a finacial city, the economy expanded and the debt-to- gdp ratio was reduced. Median incomes also grew at a more rapid pace during her tenure, when compared to John Major and Tony Blair. Even Blair was influenced by Thatcher and according to the Sun, most Britons see her as Britain’s best post wartime leader. Margaret Thatcher rescued Britain from tyranny and laziness. I know a lot of people who hate Thatcher, including the former wife of Scargill. However, I will not allow their misguided views to influence my opinion. She condemned Apartheid, but she was not a fan of Nelson Mandela. In the latter years, their relationship became more amicable. I would like to add Wilmot Perkins, Thomas Sowell and Milton Friedman to that list. Lipton Matthews

  2. Its not math that Dr. Philllips is doing. Its voodoo economics. Using the same template as Dr. Run Wid it.

  3. Seems like Jay may have got some right and some wrong?

    We shall see in due course.

    Keep up folks, lot of content here.

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