JLP a responsible or a very weak opposition ?

As I listened to the news and could not help but wondered aloud , is the JLP a responsible or simply just a very weak opposition. We were told that the PNP government would have added a  $3.00  tax on each liter of fuel, which should have come into effect this week. Last week, Petrojam in preparation for this additional burden lowered the fuel prices by an average $2.00 for each liter of fuel.

I had predicted that in the coming week, Petrojam would be adding back that $2.00 to avoid any public outcry, should $5.00 be added in one shot. Well today , like clock work, Petrojam added an average of $2.60 per liter of fuel, which would have in effect nullified the reprieve we received during the course of last week.

I decided to review this new tax that the PNP has proposed and look back at what I thought was a similar proposal which was made by the then JLP government and the response of the then opposition PNP and what I found was interesting.

April 21, 2011 

Gas Tax Rollback – Government Cuts Petrol Prices, PNP Calls Off Protest


THE BRUCE Golding administration yesterday rolled back the rate of ad valorem tax on fuel at the eleventh hour from 15 per cent to 10 per cent, effective Thursday, in an apparent bid to ward off national protests.

Following a marathon meeting of Cabinet, the Government stated that the temporary reduction in the gas tax would lower petrol prices by between $4 and $5 per litre.

The Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) yesterday signalled that it would take to the streets if the Government did not respond to calls by various interest groups to cap the tax on fuel.

This was what Wayne Jones, the President of the  Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA) was reported to have said of the then government

” “The Government needs to take urgent action to relieve Jamaicans of the pressures that are brought on by the constant increase in oil prices and the attendant inflation in the prices of goods and services that affect, in particular, the poorer people of the working class,” Jones pointed out.

“It’s a direct tax on the people, even though it is not being taken directly from their salary, because they must eat and they must travel and buy other services, and so to that extent, we believe the Government needs to reduce its take from the gas tax to bring some relief to the people,” Jones added.

Where is the voice of Wayne Jones today, is he still in Jamaica and if so is he still the President of the  Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA)

In the mean time Audrey Lecky, president of the Bakers’ Association of Jamaica, wants the Government to immediately place a ceiling on the gas tax.

“The gas tax affects bakers in two ways. It affects us in our production, and it affects us with our delivery. Every week, I face an increase in the cost on the road when the delivery is made,” she complained.

So the PNP in opposition was able to galvanize the people in protest against the government and force the government to make changes that was more palatable to the Jamaica people, but we did not even get a whimper from the JLP now in opposition ,  who seems out of touch and unable to rally the people against a rampant and fumbling PNP in government .


Click image to view full size editorial cartoon

Courtesy : Jamaica Observer


6 Responses

  1. VERY WEAK!!! I do not expect them to be throwing down “brimstone and fire” but some constructive alternative would be welcomed. In the same breath, they seem to be quite “happy” in opposition?

  2. The jlp has the right to shut up, when they speak it is a problem when they don’t speak it is also a problem. Jamaican people love the pnp, and although Dr. Phillips has not met most of his fiscal targets and the economy is contracting (Construction and Mining by 11%) some people are very happy with the pnp.

  3. There is a lot at stake here for not just the “poor people” but more specifically the elite Jamaicans and the elite class. This group has not authorized any protest ….as yet.

  4. Andrew Holness says ” UNNO vote we out so nuh come ask we what we doing, we are d opposition, not the government. Dem say dem was going to be we worst nightmare but this is d nightmare. U c d cartoon, crime tun up,dollar a run up, strikes up, so d nightmare come true.

    U don’t need to get power by mashing up d country, a weak leader is one dat promise a lot to win power but caan deliver”.

    I expect Portia to respond shortly as it appears she only speak after the oppositions attempts to knock her or her government.

    TVJ report tonight is asking the very question I asked exactly one week ago.

    Test u still think Clovis a tek que from this blog and the other news media 🙂

    • That statement by Holness only further leads to me to suspect that the JLP was actively trying to put itself in Opposition so it could continue receiving MP benefits with the responsibility of government. Between calling an election for the Christmas season (and nearly a year early!) and the foot-in-mouth comments/ faux-pas from various persons on the campaign trail (one by Vaz which was generally insulting to women, the G2K ad campaign which basically attacked Portia not for her policies but for her way of speaking (when a LOT of Jamaicans will identify with that way of speaking), Holness’ private education of his children while he was minister of education….) the JLP basically ran a model campaign on “how to get into Opposition”.

  5. Got this email from a blogger

    ” Jay , Andrew Holness is a kitty”.

    I just smiled, I think we all know the implied connotation.

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