The PNP Government will make no sacrifices !

  1. No reduction in the cabinet.
  2. No pay cut.
  3. Nothing about the actual letter of intent
  4. No details on public sector rationalization
  5. Debt exchange #2, was this a default as Dr Omar Davis called it back then?
  6. Mega projects, highway 2000 and Fort Augusta  ( Heard this before)
  7. Increase tax collections ( This is a must)

Really I have not really heard nothing about the PNP government doing anything to show they are willing to make an sacrifices for Jamaica.

  • We must do this
  • We must do that
  • We must do xyz.

Why not

  • We will to this
  • We will do that
  • We will do XYZ

Where is the commitment by the Government?

Really disappointing speech by both.


Courtesy: Jamaica Gleaner



2 Responses

  1. More details definitely needed. More commitment also needed from the government. agreed

  2. What exactly are we surprised about!! It is only the threat of INSURRECTION that will force these Charlatans to flee or do what is right? They feel entitled, so in their “little” minds, it is others who should make the sacrifices so they can maintain the status quo. We spend an inordinate amount of time debating simple issues and what continuous to be painfully obvious is that the Country cannot move forward with the current crop of “leaders”. There are a capable few but they are lacking in CONVICTIONS!!

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