Phillip Paulwell is about to “shell down d place” at Trinidad Carnival

Come tomorrow  night, both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, will jointly give us an update on the IMF agreement and news that a new deal has been inked. They will also be telling us, the sacrifices , which we will all need to make to get this country on a sustainable, growth path.

While many of us eyes will glued to the television, the Minister of Mining and  Energy eyes will be glued elsewhere as he revels in the what is considered to be the greatest show on earth , that is Trinidad Carnival 2013.  The real gyration of beautiful bodies whining to calypso music starts tomorrow , Carnival Monday and continue into Tuesday and ends at midnight Tuesday.

So while we all be bracing ourselves for the bitter medicine to come, this senior minister of the Portia lead PNP administration will be having a ball at Trinidad Carnival 2013.

Enjoy yourself Mr Paulwell afterall you have worked very hard over the last  year to bring down energy cost by 40%, so you deserve to be in Trinidad to spend our hard earned money , even though we cannot get a cubic meter of LNG from that oil rich country.

PNP politicians certainly know how to enjoy themselves while appealing to the masses of Jamaica that they truly care about their welfare and is doing all they can to ensure we get a better life.

No need for personal sacrifices , no way, the Jamaican population will understand that our hard working politicians needs timeout to enjoy themselves, after-all they have done a lot to make life a living hell for many of us.

Bruce may have been bad , but I am sure he would not have been making a public address of this nature and one of is key ministers, would have been drinking Vat 19 and pepsi, while listing to calypso music and gyrating on those lovely Trini girls. I know the feeling Mr Paulwell, trust me. I do miss Carnival Monday’s and Tuesday’s but I recognize that I have to stay here in Jamaica and fight to keep my head above the waters.

Clovis Toon

Courtesy : Jamaica Observer


7 Responses

  1. Jay, Minister Youthful Exuberance is setting his priorities straight.

  2. Jay you wrote “….so you deserve to be in Trinidad to spend our hard earned money….” Therefore I ask the question, is Phillip Paulwell in Trinidad on taxpayers money?

  3. Mr Netserv is a waste of time. He lives in lalala land, after all the world bank told us that LNG was not feasible and he still supported the programme until a few month ago. Jamaicans have received the crap they elected

  4. Still no answer to my question ..

  5. Thanks to the Gleaner for sharing my sentiments

    As you read this, Phillip Paulwell, Jamaica’s energy minister, is likely playing Mas in Trinidad at its annual carnival. Jamaicans may be minded to say that he is playing something else

  6. Very important statement form the Gleaner editorial

    “First, though, we must make clear that this newspaper does not begrudge Mr Paulwell, or anyone else, his right to annual holidays.”

    You know, there is a very good reason that I cannot get an answer to my question …. don’t let honesty elude you, one’s credibility is worth more than political propaganda and falsehood. It is never worth it (sound advice).

  7. I must apologize to my readers having failed to tell them, it was three minister and not two who were having a grand time at Trinidad Carnival consuming a lot of VAT 19 ( Its like appleton ) and Pepsi, while the Prime Minister was pouring “Bitter/Poison” medicine down our throats.

    PNP is the best, they simply the best, better than all the rest.

    Word is that the Bacchanal triumvirate has been ordered home by the maximum leader who was embarrassed by talk that the administration was calling for sacrifice while some were out having fun, and that in the energy crisis, Nero was fiddling in Trinidad while Rome burnt.

    Read more:–His-day-in-court_13645928#ixzz2KydVWpJF

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