Portia & Peter will address the nation tonight, what will they say ?

What will Portia say?

Well I will pull the speech I wrote on her behalf a month ago and lets see how close to reality I am after her nationwide address.

My fellow Jamaicans, I would like to set be frank with you on the true state of the IMF agreement. There has been a lot of talk in the public forum, with regards to the new agreement and my Finance Minister recently spoke at length to the issues currently preventing us from sealing the deal.

Dr Phillips had indicated that one of the preconditions of the deal was public sector rationalization and possible job reduction as well as tax increases. I as your Prime Minister would like to make it clear that we are not in favour to putting workers out of work or add to your already heavy tax burden, but we have very little choice, unless we make some fundamental changes. With that in mind, we are working to ensure that no jobs are lost, while still meeting IMF condition as it relates to public sector wages as a percent of GDP.

I am now happy to let you all know that after months of intense  negotiations between ourselves and the IMF we have now come to an agreement, which we believe is in the best interest of Jamaica. It was by no means an easy task and I must give kudos to my finance minister Dr Peter Phillips and his team for sticking to the task and in the end was able to hammer , what we believe to be the best deal possible at this point in time.

This deal, which we have agreed upon is not the be all and end all, instead its just the beginning and I am here to tell my fellows Jamaicans tonight that this is a mere step in the way to economic development for Jamaica. ( Recently added)

I am now throwing out a challenge to public sector workers, one that if you all take seriously could see every one of you keeping your job even as we go through these tough economic times.

I am challenging all public sector workers in the following areas:

  1. Show up to work daily on time.
  2. Deliver a full 8hrs at your jobs.
  3. Improve your overall efficiency on the job.
  4. Ensure you deliver excellent customer service.
  5. Ensure that all government transaction involving cash transaction are above board. By this I mean I want you to ensure that every $ collected by virtue of your jobs make it into the government coffers.
  6. Do not compete with the government in terms of the delivery of service and the collection of payments. I am not saying  you should not have a second job, what I am saying is, those amongst the group, which are collecting money by diverting work into their personal sphere must immediately stop doing so.
  7. I make a special appeal to those at the customs department and the Tax office to  ensure that all money collected at these agencies makes it into the government coffers.
  8. Those issue with government cars and who receive gas cards, these should only be used for official government purpose only and you must end the abuse.

In return, I promise that the increases in government revenue that results from your input in this regard, will be rewarded by NO job cuts. I will ensure that as Prime Minister that not one of you will use your job, if collectively you ensure that tax revenues for the fiscal year 2013/2014 exceeds the projected targets.

In addition as Prime Minister, I will ensure that the government will share with you the any increases above 15% of projected revenue target as a special one-time bonus in lieu of a salary increase.  In addition we will ensure that during the period of wage freeze, if you all work with us to ensure that revenue targets are exceeded year over year, we will ensure that you all will receive a special one off bonus at the end of each of the fiscal year, if our revenues exceed our projected by 15 % or more.

The time has come for all Jamaicans to make a concerted effort to get Jamaica back on the path to sustained development. We cannot rely on the IMF and the other multilateral agencies to keep coming to our rescue in terms of lending us money.

We must break the debt cycle, we are a courageous people and we all have it in us to do what is right to rescue Jamaica. I am making a special appeal to the opposition, civil society and all well thinking Jamaica’s to work with us to rescue Jamaica, we are capable, we are a strong people and we have done it before and we can do it again.

I say to those Jamaicans who are always looking to “beat” the system, let’s stop this selfish act and for once put Jamaica first. To those who do not pay their fair share of taxes, I say to you, come on board with us, declare accurately your true income and pay over your fair share.

For the misguided amongst us, who believes its ok, to under invoices,  make false declaration in terms of imports etc, I say, let end these actions as they only succeed in putting us in a position, where we have no choice but to increase taxes on everyone in order to meet our expenses.

Just think how much improvement we could make to our education system, the health system, national security,  our road network, water supply system, transportation etc.How nice would it be not having to increase any taxes for the next 4 yrs that we are in government, it is possible but only if we play our part.

I want the entire nation to form an alliance with the government, because we must break the debt cycle. Just think how much of the increase revenues could be used to retire out debts, thereby reducing the percentage of the budget that goes to pay our debt. These funds could be used to provide the country with improve service, which is what many Jamaicans are crying out for.

I am therefore making a special appeal to all Jamaicans to become a part of the system, because this is the only way Jamaica is going to dig itself out of the present economic crises and put itself on the path to economic sustainability.As a government we are committed to solve our problems. To show our commitment  to you the people of this country that we are serious in sharing your pain and working with you in get the country back on track, we as a cabinet has decide on the following:

  1. The entire cabinet will on April 1, 2013 take a 10% cut in our salaries.
  2. All government vehicles will now have to be kept for 5 years before they can be sold to its owners and they will now be sold at market rates.
  3. We will create a pool of vehicles from which, government workers including incoming minsters; will have to pull from to reduce the need to purchase new vehicles every time there is a change in administration.
  4. Come, April 1, 2013, the government of Jamaica will no longer provide free housing for Cabinet Minister, instead an housing allowance will be paid in keeping with the provisions that exist in the public sector.
  5. We will cut the number cut the number of special advisors and consultant assigned to each minister by 50% as we move to keep the system lean.

I believe that these measure as well as your input, will go a far we in reducing our reliance on outside assistance to get our economy on track. Times are tough, but as I  said before we are a resilient people, we can achieve greatness once we set our minds to it. We are world beater in the world of sports, we are trend setters in music, and we have the capacity to be the greatest little nation on the planet.

I make a solemn promise to you that I will do everything I can to ensure that economic wealth trickles down to the very man in the street, because there is no point speaking about 3 – 5% growth if the average man cannot feel it in his personal life.

In closing, I hope that those watching or listening to this broadcast will decide that the time for change is now and will join us on the road to economic recovery.

May God bless you all and may God bless Jamaica.

Good night.


7 Responses

  1. Confimed: Letter of intent has been signed between Jamaica and the IMF.
    So far commonsense is on target, lets see how the speech sounds to see how accurate we are.

    Now lets get ready for the bitter medicine 😦

  2. I am still waiting for Portia speech ??? …….

  3. Peter Phillips

    We must this…
    We must that…
    We must blah blah.

    Why not we will do the following vs we must ….

  4. Debt exchange #2.

    These guys said we will NEVER support another Debt Exchange, while in opposition.

    Remind me why we changed government again ?

  5. Well Jay hit it once again, I was not far off in my speech.
    I think I need to put my talent to better use, weh u say Test 🙂

    Truthlives long time we have not heard from you, tell us about what you thought of the PM’s speech.

  6. Jay, I think you need a good night’s rest – “confirmed: letter of intent has been signed” “IMF team has left” … so wrong Jay

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