Portia is bad for Jamaica’s image, when will she resign ?

In another instance of lack of self-control, when speaking to supporters, the Prime Minister launched into another one of her tirades during , which she equated the leader of the opposition as an “enemy of the state”. I am not even sure the PM really understands what that means or she would have never said it.

This is  a woman who refuses to speak on the economy or anything to do with the direction of the country, but will jump up and down once the leader of the opposition opens his mouth and criticizes her inept administration.

PSM should stop embarrassing herself and Jamaica and resign before she succeeds in getting us to where Haiti is today.  I received a call today from a friend overseas, asking if our PM is healthy and sane, because only an insane person, would make such a suggestion when criticized.

I simply said, Jamaicans have  a love affair with crudeness and buffoonery and this is what this PM represents.




10 Responses

  1. Actually PSM has forgotten the mission. Now its all about Prada bags and glasses, designer clothes and regular flghts to miami. Flying by helicopter and driven around in BMW’s.

    Surelt life is good at the top, surely sweet at the top. Backto people are still using scandal bags for toilet, but dem love PSM like “cook food”.

  2. Most Jamaicans to be honest are too busy trying to survive and they really just can’t be bothered. The well thinking of this country are out flanked by the ” poor people” whose claim to fame is that they live in a ghetto area an” Mamma P” ago mek dem feel nice, they got little or no education (neva get nu subject) hell they graduated primary and high school with a big bashment but forgot to learn how to reason and think for themselves, hence the quandry we’re now in, but after all “wi still a go dance an raeeeee.

    Its easy to understand and she has said it already “I have no inetention of talking my way out of power” and that my dear is what its all about, power – not the economy, not the advancement of the country, hence its people its all about the “POWER”

  3. The purpose of community meeting is to encourage the masses to buy into a vision. However, the prime minister message was rather vague and she did not relate it to the people well. We must not fool ourselves Portia does not know that there is a time and place for everything. If she wants to bash Holness she should do so at a pnp meeting not at a community meeting. Her mission must be national not political; but then again we should not expect better from a political lackey with no education. The masses are asinine like her, so I know that they will relate to her better. Jamaica House is not for Portia; she should be in the market selling orange and cocoa

  4. Even though PSM is not qualified for the PM position and should be forced to resigned imo. Lets not use this situation as a justify classsism. Don’t confuse being educated and leadership.

  5. Portia has her degree. She is more educated than the majority of Jamaicans

  6. i was commenting on the “she should be in the market selling orange and cocoa” statement. Now, it is obvious to any thinking person that she is unqualified for the job. It is also obvious that Jamaica has never had a competent leader. Educated leader, yes. Competent, no. My point is that PSM might not be the smartest person or she does come accross vulgar but lets not use it as a platform to justify classism.

    Anyhow, I lets not get into a tit for tat situation because I am as passionate and deeply concern about Jamaica as you.

    • That is exactly why some people are apprehensive in criticizing the pm. The reality is that elitism exists in our society, but, as one celebrates her ascension to leadership of the country, we should not be afraid to highlight her shortcomings?? Being leader of a party does not necessarily qualify one to be the leader of a country and that is why it is imperative that constitutional changes take place where we are able to vote separately for the leader our country and our local representative. Portia is a very divisive individual and this does not augur well for the future of this country?

    • Classism? Elitism? Wait, isn’t Portia Simpson-Miller part of the “one-percenter”? In case you guys aren’t aware, she happens to be one of the richest women in Jamaica, with extremely high networth. I would think that both Mr. Miller and herself, are among the richest people in Jamaica. 35+ years in politics have been very beneficial for her.

      I often times get a good chuckle at the expense of those who continue to parrot the claim that Portia is FOR the poor. Portia cares nothing about the poor and only looks out for what is in the best interest of Portia. They don’t come anymore selfish than Portia…trust me on that!

      Having said that, you have to give her credit for working through others to reach the pinnacle of financial and political success, with what appear to be mediocre skill sets. As the elected Prime Minister, she is quite adept at using others to prop her up. Any one with any modicum of common sense, knows she is basically a figurehead and it takes a supporting team of more capable individuals to provide some semblance of leadership. Her best gift, as I see it, is her ability to know her limitations and maximize her potential through others. She has come a far way in rising to the top in a man’s world and being able to be viewed as “one of the boys” (no pun intended) 😀

  7. Test,
    I agree 100% with you. That said, Jamaicans need to understand that politician do not have the monopoly on the leadership that requires to the counrty from its current path. Anyone can do it! Unfortunately it will literally be a life or death situation. It took blood and tears for our currents leades to get into power.You think they will handed it over without a fight?

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