PNP attacking the poor since returning to power.

The policies of this PNP administration have done more to hurt than helping the poor and here are a few quick examples.

  1. Largest tax package in the history of Jamaica in 2012.
  2. Tax on poor people lunch , patties
  3. Hike in fees.
  4. Massive hike in clearance cost for barrels
  5. 100% hike in market fees on poor vendors
  6. Massive hike in bill board fees
  7.  Plans to return to user fees in the health sector
  8. Cut in education for the poor.
  9. Hike in school fees  – no more free education for the poor

Coming up

Extreme pain for the poor  given the long delay in the government securing a deal and administering the bitter medicine..

PJ Patterson was our longest serving PM and he succeeded in total destruction of the middle class and working class manufacturing and agricultural sector and with  that , all those  jobs. He presided over the biggest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich, yet he won 4 times on the trot.

Jamaicans in particular the poor surely seem to like hardship, despite what they say.

PNP policies have been mostly regressive and NOT progressive at all.


7 Responses

  1. The largest tax package in Jamaica’s history was in 2009. Who can forget 3 budgets in 8 months in 2009 resulting in over $47 BILLION in taxes which makes the 2012 tax package looks like childsplay.

    Here is a little refresher

  2. It was an IMPOTENT opposition that contributed to the PIRACY of percival james patterson? Loyalty to party instead of Country.

  3. I’m not sure how any of the two parties can make claim to be more progressive than the other. They both drink from the same cup. Every modern leader comes in talking about “we are living above or means”. The IMF is simply saying, no more extensions, live within your means NOW. What do we think the “bitter medicine” was? Either party would be doing the same thing, i.e. raising taxes, making cuts all around. The economy had already gridded to a halt during the initial tax package. Only JDIP gave us a small “blip” for the election. When we try to cut subsidies (in our plantation economy) there is much resistance. Taxing the PAYE and poor is easier to implement.

  4. The relentless assault continues, I tell you the PNP is the best party to ruin Jamaica.(Pun intended).
    Path benefits for the poor to be cut, have they cut waivers for the rich ?–ministry-wants-to-cut-welfare-dependents_13553755

  5. Shaw has claimed that a pound of chicken back, which cost $40 when they left power 13 months ago, is now approaching $100 per pound.

    People power is really at play.
    The PNP is really about making people poor.

  6. Truthlives has all but disappeared from the scene given the fact he can no longer defend a government, which has made the people significantly poorer that they were a year ago.

    The thing about people like me, is I am not afraid to be critical of any of the parties, while others will be quick to criticize the other folks, but chose to remain quiet when in the face of the , mismanagement of the PNP government.

  7. Now bus fare increase.

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