The hardest life I have lived have all been under a PNP lead Government.

As I reflected on the struggles of my life, I came to the stark realization, that the toughest time in my entire life have occurred under a PNP lead Government and that is MY EXPERIENCE !

1972 – 1980

  1. Massive food shortages.
  2. Inability to purchase basic food items.
  3. Marrying of goods due to food shortages.
  4. Flat broke and going to bed hungry on many occasions. 



  1. Lost most of my savings
  2. Massive investment losses in stock market and investment firms.
  3. High level of inflation resulting in massive price increases.



  1. While I did not suffer any loses, many I know  lost firstly in the Fast cash schemes in western Jamaica.
  2. Many lost millions in the alternative investment schemes.
  3. Forced to flee Jamaica ( for a period of time, as it was too rough).


2007-2011 – Biggest recessions in modern history, I suffered minimal losses, despite the fact that the world was in a recession. 13 qtrs of negative growth, but despite that, I came out of this period virtually unscathed .

2012 -20XX

Its started all over again, it seems “like we head hard”, we have not learned from our past experiences and seem set to do it all over again.



The other thing I have noted, is some of the most undesirable behaviour appears to start and/or  flourish under the PNP.

  1. Quick Cash
  2. Alternative Investment Schemes
  3. Lotto Scam
  4. Cash for Gold
  5. Scrap Metal Trade
  6. and now Charcoal exports.


Is it me or what ?


5 Responses

  1. Heh Heh Heh….Jay, were you even alive during 1972-1980 period? I thought you were born after 1980? This thread has to be one of your most frivolous to date…..hahahaha….aaa

    • Jay, the PNP must have done great things from 1972 – 2000s, since billions were poured into these UFOs during this period. This would suggest that people had access to billions in disposal income. We won’t mention the fact that so many were able to purchase motor cars, built rather expensive houses and afford to send the kids overseas for post-secondary/tertiary education. Even Jay returned to our shores when he saw all those dollars “a run”. Would you agree Jay?

      • Test, you may think this is a joke of some kind, but seriously we need to man up and say it like it is.

        We can only start to fix our problems when we first recognize that we have a problem.

        Too many Jamaicans are of the misguided views that cars on the rd and big houses are a sign of economic prosperity, but nothing could be further from the truth.

        No wonder I still hear “Jamaica no problem”.

        We can fool up many Jamaicans but we are not able to “fool up” the IMF and the other multilateral lending agencies. Our days of saying one thing to them and another to the populace is over.

        Its the main reason we are yet to have a deal with this administration.
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    • Ha Ha woi lawd “deading” wid laugh. Test you nuh easy, Jay was born after 1980 nuh? Ha ha Hawwww they stole his piggy bank in the 90’s :))))

      As Miss Lou would say Jack Mandora mi nuh choose none!!

      BTW did you all hear how they moved Lance Armstrong’s book over to the fiction isle in the library?

  2. Not to mention, the billions of dollars we lost due to Netserv and Operation Pride and loud music every night

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