Daryl Vaz, Bicknell and Snr Superident James Forbes, charged.

Is this the beginning of change in Jamaica, where “big men” and politicians will now be held accountable ?



Also Daryl Vaz issues statement, read it below.



4 Responses

  1. I really do not believe what Vaz as said. He was alleged to have offered the police officer ” metal bars”, which in police language means a promotion.
    Vaz always seem to be involved in these kind of nefarious activities. He will be asked to relinquish all roles in the party should he be formally charged.

  2. Now we know the JLP donor who pay Manatt that US$50K and was prepare to pay a lot more……..

  3. Are you missing the fact that it was the intervention of Mr Felice which ensured that the investigation went ahead?? It is obvious that Forbes,Thomas et al were tacitly trying to sweep it under the rug?

  4. The men are, of course, innocent unless proven guilty, but the allegations make for interesting peek into “the runnings” and how the well-heeled may or may not operate in Jamaica. I will not comment any further on this matter until the matter is resolved in the courts. However, this episode begs the question: why Vaz’s name call up in so many things man?

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