Cuts every where, but budget doubles for State functions ?

Almost every sector has felt the axe from our Finance Minister Dr Peter Phillips with the exception of the budgetary allocation for state functions.

It seems like our ceremonial Prime Minister plans to cut more ribbons, break ground or  otherwise spend more time doing ceremonial functions vs addressing the myriad of issues of governance that needs her attention.

One would have thought that given the grave financial situation the  country finds itself in and the many sacrifices that’s required by Jamaica, the Prime Minister would have addressed the country in a nationally televised broadcast.  What on earth was I thinking , outr PM is not predisposed to having any such discussions with the people, having made promises other that administering  a dosage of bitter medicine to the Jamaican  people.

It seems that the PM has left governance to her ministers while she jets around the country and has become  a globe trotter, since becoming Prime Minister.


3 Responses

  1. Jay, Jay, Jay…………….. When will you stop???????????? This woman has never, in your book done anything good/right……I am not saying that you should not criticise, but, my God be constructive whilst dealing with the woman you hate so much.

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