Why were the 14 JLP Councillors paid ?

They were paid a total sum of just over $1m even though they were never sworn in and have done no work to date.  The fact is these folks should never be paid and as such the sum paid to the Councillors should be withdrawn from their next pay cheque or they should be asked to return these funds.

We cannot afford to pay people who does not work. The JLP councillors should do the honourable thing and return the money forthwith !


8 Responses

  1. They need to give back the money because they did not work for it and they knew they were not entiled to any pay until they are sworn in.

  2. They should be return it or it be forcibly taken away!

  3. Whilst I agree to a certain extent one need to find out what the law say about this lets wait until we get some answers and dont rush to judgement as this blog done so many times get the facts first, one just canr RUN WID IT because it suit them and to think Jay chastise Omar and he is doing the same thing…

    • Hmmm, so, Jay’s new name is run wid it Jay? That is indeed very funny, given Jay’s disdain for Dr. Omar Davis….I think I like it though….RUN WID IT Jay!

  4. @ Wayne, keep waiting. How come I have never seen you come here, with the answers.
    The blog is open, where we state our views on subject given the information that has been presented.

    You seem instead is willing to stand around and wait for all the answer before making statement on the issue, instead choosing to criticize those willing to put their neck out and state a position.

    I guess its Wayne “Chicken little” Campbell 🙂

  5. For one not to look stupid and seem to be blown by any wind of conversation they need to wait and get the facts or at least write the article stating until further info but your writing sound conclusive the councillors did not hold up anyone and ask for their pay so someone must be held responsible for that, if we are dealing with a moral issue then i can agree with you but until then lets wait on the legal side of the issue so u just cant jump up and say they should pay it back until you get the facts. Oh! only a Brave man wait a coward man run

  6. The AG has ruled that the councillors are entitled to their pay from the moment they are elected, so they will be allowed to keep their pay. I want to be a politician, since I can get pay for doing nothing.

  7. I guess Test did not see this post a year ago on a similar subject.

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