Green left out of another “flag” at a public function

This time it at a function held in Portmore and hosted by Mayor Lee. One could see someone rushing to add green  because only the black and the gold wrap around were on the display.

This really shows that there appears to be an orchestrated attempt by agents of the state to remove the green as a colour from Jamaica flag, where possible.



Barbados Prime Minister says no need for IMF

There is no need for support from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for Barbados.

He added that despite the challenging economic times, there were no public service job losses, no public servants’ salary cuts, and health care remained affordable and accessible.

Mr. Stuart further stated that unemployment benefits were also increased from 26 weeks to 40 weeks, and free bus transportation for school children was introduced in an effort to ensure minimal dislocation to families.


Will I live to see Jamaica being able boast about being able to quit borrowing and start to to provide real support for Jamaicans. Maybe instead of going to Washington, our politicians should take a trip to this East Caribbean country to see what is there secret to success.

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