Contractor attorney refutes claim he ran out of green for flag, he was instructed to do so !

The controversy over the leaving out of the green out of the Jamaican flag has taken a new twist, with the attorney for the contractor refuting claims that he ran out of green material and has promised to refund the council the money for the job.

In fact the attorney says the man has a lot of green material,

Mr Edwards says he was instructed to leave out the green out of the flag, by Courtney Hume – Protocol Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister (Western Region) , which is very different from what Mayor Harris told the public.

Based on this  new development, this is a DESPICABLE ACT BY THE PNP !

The  contractor has also indicated he had taken no RESPONSIBILITY for the leaving out of the green from the flag.

Mayor Harris needs to RESIGN with immediate effect !!

This is a most VULGAR act, something I cannot recall we have ever seen in our 50yrs of independence !!

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