Another cabinet retreat ?

This will be the second one in three months as the government continues to struggle to formulate a economic plan . At the end of the last retreat, we heard nothing from the Prime Minister, will this be the same as the first time around?

I really do hope, the government will be able to come up with a plan, as KD Knight had warned a few weeks ago that the government CANNOT afford to fail and as such MUST perform. The people have rejected the JLP twice and as such has given enormous power and control to the PNP, leaving that party with a virtual monopoly on state power.

We look forward to hearing from sister P and the end of this latest retreat.


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  1. Jay

    Why won’t you stop this guy Floridian from spamming your blog with these Olint, UK and TCI and Olintja crap. 99% of the Olint Investors have moved on and this troll keeps spamming both invest for life forum and yours with these post, which no ones wants to read. I would recommend you block this garbage once and for all.

    • Ready, I want to be fair to bloggers and you are right, I have given him enough notice and I will move in that regard if these post that are not relevant to the blog keeps appearing.

      • I agree with Ready. While I am in support of your stance re being fair to bloggers, we are really getting annoyed with Floridian and his blogs that have nothing to do with the subject at hand.

        Its bad enough we have Test and Mich and their ilk to deal with, just cant deal with Floridian and his madness.

        • I didnt know I was of any “ilk”, I dont abuse, libel or cuss people in Jay’s blog – just avail myself of the opportynity for some free speech. One thing I know is that Baby Bruce will be in the political wilderness londer that Eddie Seaga!

        • Correction: *opportunity*

  2. What is wrong with another retreat?? In my organization we have quarterly reviews. In this case there are a lot of decisions to make and there is no better way than for each ministry not to come up with their programs in isolation. Joined up approach is key.

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