Special Police Squads formed to fight crime

Below is a listing of all the special police squads that I have on record that have been formed since 1976  to deal with crime in Jamaica.  The majority of  these special police squads have been akin to death squads , targeting and carrying out the mandate of the government.

Note: The notorious Suppression of Crime Act was put in place in 1974 and lasted for 20 years and is said to be largely responsible for the situation in we find ourselves in today.

You can form your own opinion based on the information presented.

Special  police squads Yr formed Government
Echo Squad 1976 PNP
Ranger Squad 1980 PNP
Eradication Squad 1981 JLP
Area 4 Task Force 1986-1987 JLP
Operation Crest 1995 PNP
Operation Dovetail 1997 PNP
Orangized Crime Unit 1998 PNP
Operation Intrepid 1999 PNP
Special Anti Crime Task Force (SACTF) Oct 1999 PNP
Crime Management Unit (CMU) 2000 PNP
Major Investigative Team 2002 PNP
Operation Kingfish 2004 PNP
??? 2012 PNP

17 Responses

  1. JAY, This is just saying that the PNP has been in power for longer periods than the JLP…………………..><<<<<<<<<??????????????????

    • Wow , is that all you can see. Maybe you should consider getting your eyes tested 🙂

    • Truth, I have to laugh myself. And what is the name of the squad in 2012????

    • Additionally, one might conclude from the data that the PNP was/is serious about crime fighting or at the very least, took proactive steps to rid our society of the murderers of innocent Jamaicans.

      Jay, it might be a bit more instructive if you to create another column which highlights the other initiatives implement by both parties to combat crime in Jamaica. For example, the signing of those MOUs in 2004 by the PNP, the introduction of British Police into the JCF, etc, etc. I know you won’t do that. since it would provide a clearer picture of the overall/diverse crime fighting tools that were implemented over the time period in question. What say you Jay; are you prepare to rise to the challenge and broaden your horizon? Are you prepare to have your misleading data collapsed in front of your face when more inclusive data is displayed? 😀

      • What I love about this is that it seems that it is his roundabout way of trying to answer the questions concerning the circular logic that he and D’Aguilar are espousing: that death squads are going to be formed because the minister talked about the Tivoli paradigm even though for the Tivoli operation NO death squads were used unless we consider the JDF (formed 1962) and the JCF (formed in 1867) to have been death squads formed specifically for the purpose of gunning down innocent people toting AK-47s in Tivoli decades later.

        How can a minister hold the Tivoli operation as a model when it involved no death squads formed for it and at the same time we draw the conclusion that because the minister cites the Tivoli operation as a model it means they are going to form death squads? Jay sounds like he’s been taken in by the folks who protect criminals in the public sphere by claiming that anyone killed by the police was just an innocent person.

        Are innocent persons killed by the police? Of course. Should the policemen responsible be held accountable and criminally charged? Yes! Without a doubt! Does this automatically mean that everyone killed by a policemen was simply an innocent bystander? Of course not. Even the story jay presents below shows how stupid that line of thinking is. The police claim they were greeted by gunfire when entering Cassava Piece road. The residents claim the policemen entered the area and started firing indiscriminately. Both claims are obviously hogwash and do nothing to advance the case of innocent persons killed by gunmen or policemen. The most likely scenario is that the police were informed that some wanted men were in the area (now it may have been that they were intentionally misinformed by someone hoping to stir up trouble). The police went in. Probably got some stick from some residents and may have gotten into a situation with some gunmen or they may have interpreted some action as a threat (some guy taking something out of his pocket). They shoot (possibly even shooting first) and being trigger happy shoot at pretty much anything that moves. Some innocent people get shot and we have the situation as it stands today.

        What makes no sense is that the police went into Cassava Piece (a very pro-PNP area apparently; I’m told that there were orange flags all over the place before the 2011 election, don’t know if they have been taken down or were put up again for the local election) under orders from a PNP government to start shooting up residents indiscriminately. Which party would be insane enough to deliberately order the shooting of its own supporters? Even the JLP government was super-reluctant to send forces into Tivoli despite gunmen from that area acting as though they owned everything below Cross Roads and could firebomb and shoot up police stations if they wanted. But then it seems that D’Aguilar thinks that the people have a right to commit arson and shoot up the place and jay sounds more and more like he agrees.

        What would be really instructive is for jay to list out:

        – the number of persons killed by each of his “death squads”

        – the number of innocent persons killed by each of those “death squads”

        – the number of persons arrested by the “death squads”

        – the number of those arrested persons convicted

        – the number of those arrested persons extradited

        – any other activities carried out by these “death squads” (and quantify them if possible – for instance I know Operation Kingfish was involved in some drug busts, so maybe jay could list how many drug busts it carried out. I also know they’ve seized guns at the wharf and go fast boats, maybe jay would be kind enough to list these).

  2. Merchants of death in the police force .

    The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) says a bombshell autopsy report on the body of Dianne Gordon, the 45-year-old Cassava Piece resident killed by the police two weeks ago, has added some urgency to its probe.


  3. Between July 1999 and end of 2011, over 2500 Jamaicans have been killed in confrontation with the Jamaican Police Force , which has been described as the ” deadliest” on the plant.

    • And how many were innocent?

      And how many were killed by the units you claim are death squads? If the “death squads” killed less persons per personnel than the regular JCF police squads does that mean they are not death squads?

      I find this lumping together of innocent people with outright thugs/criminals to be disgusting. There is no way I would want any friend or relative of mine whom I knew to be innocent, lumped together with someone like Bulbie.

  4. Reminder of the Manatt/Dudusgate Commission of Inquiry and the so called “”Commissioners.””

    Cash for access: David Cameron under pressure over Lord Gold links to Conservatives
    David Cameron is facing calls to replace Lord Gold as head of the “cash-for-access” inquiry, after it emerged the peer had business ties with the Conservative Party’s co-chairman.

    Lord Gold was brought in by the Prime Minister to investigate the party’s fund-raising methods after Peter Cruddas, the Conservative co-treasurer, was filmed boasting that top donors could have dinner with the Prime Minister.

    However, questions have now been raised over the peer’s links with Lord Feldman, the co-chairman of the Conservative Party, who is in charge of fundraising and was responsible for hiring Mr Cruddas.

    Last night, Sir Alistair Graham, the former chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, said the inquiry was “unlikely to have much credibility” with Lord Gold at the helm.


  5. “I don’t think anyone is even trying to call it an independent inquiry,” he said. “That would be an abuse of the English language. Clearly Lord Gold is somebody who is a very close friend of the Conservative party, however you look at it. He is bound to want to put the best gloss on events. I don’t believe his report is likely to have much credibility.”


  6. Folks we now have MOCA !!
    If you look at the table in the post above I had ?? awaiting the announcement of the next police squad, I knew it was coming, it was only a matter of time.

  7. Now today we heard news of death squads in the police force.

  8. Cops reporting on death squads, this post was written almost two years ago.

  9. It’s very obvious that the situation gets worse oak a daily basis @ even though all the evidence is there , those that are in a position to take the necessary steps to curb the situation, pretends that the level of major criminal activities is not sufficient , and therefore does not warrant drastic measures . Very disappointing :: .

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