Corporate Area under siege by rats !!

This is a clear sign of systemic failure of the state agencies and the government of Jamaica !

Garbage collection is not taking place, NEPA says don’t burnt your garbage and the rats are getting bigger and multiplying rapidly. In places like Red Hills road the rats are running amok and we seem set to have a public health crises soon on our hands if the problem is not quickly addressed.

It seems as if nothing if going right in Jamaica these days and a sense of hopelessness is slowing returning !!


2 Responses

  1. Maybe they are PNP rats, Jay, I can see that the rats are wearing orange.. and they just suddenly appear on the scene.

  2. These 60 day old rats dangerous sah!!! On a serious note, I have always had a garbage collection problem where I live. I have lived here for 5 years. About 2 yeas ago my neighbour’s wall fell during some heavy rains because the rats undermined the foundation heading to a nearby garbage receptacle for an apartment complex.
    I dont know when since garbage collection issues are a recent phenomenon.

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