Where is the Minister of National Security ?

The Gleaner today’s headline screams ” Crime beast resurges”.  The murder rate since the start of the year is 137 , which is 24 above the same period last year.

The minister is largely silent as crime is spiraling out on control once again and Jamaicans are getting nervous once again. Mr Minister, what new strategies are to be implemented to get this “beast” under control?


So Peter what’s the tool to be used?

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Courtesy: Jamaica Observer


3 Responses

  1. What happen Jay? When the crime rate was trending down last year, you were busy heaping praises on the Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington, describing him as “one smart cookie”. Now that the murder rate is on the rise again, you are looking at the Security Minister for answers. Why not the Commissioner of Police?

    I have always maintain that the lull in murders that starting in 2010, was due to the fact that the criminals were disperse across the Island, disoriented after the Tivoli Gardens incursion and it was just a matter of time before they would reconstitute into a more organize group. Well the time has come and unless the Police Force is unleashed and INDECOM is prevented from looking over the Police Force shoulders, second guessing every Police killing of the thugs, then we will have to live with the consequences. Lets get rid of INDECOM first and forget about the use non-lethal weapons, since I don’t see the killers using such weapons.

    Our Police force will have to formulate a list of all gang members and systematically eliminate them one by one….there is no other way. We need an “unofficial group” of persons sanction to make this happen, similar to what was done when Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was creating mayhem in Columbia. Our hardened criminals are not afraid to shoot at or kill the Police and pretty much kill innocent Jamaicans with impunity.

    • Re: the role of the commissioner’. He is responsible for tactical and operational response. The Minister is responsible for policy decisions and these tactical and operational response are developed to support those policies.

      So essentially what I am saying the policies are not fixed, they should be fluid and adjusted as things change, so the response of the cops can be changed to meet the new challenges.
      The minister has not developed any new policy to address the current crime situation that is now spiraling out of control, what is he waiting for?

      I did not think Peter Bunting was the best guy for the job, however I hope he can get it right as too many of our fellow citizens are dying.

      Test, what you are insinuating is unlawful and simply wrong, the police force cannot be allowed to do that.
      The role of INDECOM is an important one, you cannot allow our cops to be a law unto themselves, as you should know power corrupts and …. ( fill in the blanks). What would prevent a rouge cop for example from targeting you because there was an argument between you and him.

      Giving him wide scale power to execute persons would allow him to name you a suspect(for example) and then ” dwag nyam you suppa”.
      There are other ways to fight crime, but I swear that these politicians do NOT possess the will to do what is required.

  2. “one smart cookie” should step down and make wya for another.

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