Extradition documents about to be served ?

That is the word we are now getting. We understand its just a matter of days or a few weeks at most before these documents are served. We are further made to understand that the President sentencing has been delayed as more and more information has been released to lower his jail time as the singing has gotten louder and louder.

With the JLP now in opposition there is no “blocking” of the pending extradition.

So who are the persons whom extradition warrants are pending?



We have managed to access copies of the JDIP progress reports, which shows expenditure  on the various projects . As you go through the documents you will see where the work is being completed, the name of the contractor, sum approved, progress of the work as well as % of work completed, where work has in fact commenced.

In the first report – (June progress report), you will see over $14b dollars of work approved and over $6b spent up to that point in time. You can form your own judgement by reading the reports and see for yourself what is really going on.

This goes a long way in answering questions on my report ” JIDP Questions” published  earlier this month.

JDIP April 2011 Report

JDIP Report May 2011

JDIP Progress Report – June 2011

JDIP July 2011 Report


JDIP Progress Report October 2011

The extortionist are back in their numbers in Downtown Kingston !

They are out and about in full force in and around Coronation Market and its environs, which is a cause for concern for many given their absence for the last 18 months.

The commissioner and his men need to move quickly to  address this situation before it spirals out of control. At the same time we note with great concern the increased rate of murders despite the assurances from the Minister of National Security that the public should not panic at this time. The Minister needs to allow the cops the freedom to go out and address the problem, as the strategies being used thus far are not effective.

I said last year , after the cops stopped naming persons of interest after public outcry, that this crime problem would re-emerge and so said  so done. JFJ , which was at the forefront of the cry is not noteably silent despite the spate of murders occurring in the country today , this I find troubling. We simply cannot sit back and allow the situation to get out of  control. Action is needed not NOW !

One would think with proliferation of smart phone capable of capturing pictures and videos, the public would be in a better position to assist the police , but sadly that is not the case in Jamaica.

The  smart phone is nothing but something to “profile” with vs using its awesome powers for something helpful.

Why did the JLP lose the election ?

I had decided against posting this article since the elections are over and we really need to focus on getting on with the business of governance and working with the new government in the interest of the people. I decided against by better judgement and decided to make it public, so here it is. I certainly expect to be taken to task for it, but hey its not North Korea, you are free to express your own views.

So the JLP has met and have arrived at what they believe are the reasons for the party electoral loss.  Many analyst, columnist and bloggers have also weighed in on the reason for the lashing the JLP took in the last election.

The JLP has gathered together the very same persons who said the party was ready for election and who may have also resulted in their loss to look at and come up with explanations for the loss.

The JLP have missed and continue to miss one critical factor in all of this and that is the grass roots supporters and the Jamaican people at large, how could they ?  They have failed once again to come down to earth and deal with the people.

The following has been postulated as reason for the election loss:

  1. Arrogance by party leaders.
  2. Manatt and the Dudus saga.
  3. Corruption involving JDIP.
  4. The negative ad campaign by G2K.
  5. Attacking Portia which is akin to attacking the people of Jamaica
  6. The party leader focusing a campaign on himself and young and different

These were some of the most popular pronouncement by many, but how much did all those really play in the PNP being voted into power.

Now let’s back to the issues mentioned above and de-construct some of these 7 factors.


Hardly like a factor, for the simple reason that Jamaicans by nature are arrogant and politicians in general are very arrogant given the level of power they possess while in office. Take for example  Robert Pickersgill, Dr Omar Davis, KD Knight, these come as arrogant as you can get but that did not stop the party from winning  3 straight and once again in 2010.

Was arrogance a factor, in my mind it was hardly a factor.

Manatt and Dudus Saga

Jamaican politician  have hugged up gangsters for many years and many including some of  today’s politicians have attended the funeral of known gangster to show their support for these persons as community leaders. Dr Phillps for example attended once such funeral along with Omar Davis. The former Prime Mimister PJ Patterson was said to have met with gangster Zeeks during or after the gas strike and thanked him for not participating in the strike and keeping the peace. That did not stop PJ Patterson from being the best strategist in organizing and leading the PNP to three straight victories.

So was the Dudus saga a factor, yes but not a big one as many would have been led to believe. One thing that rattled Jamaicans, was not so much that Bruce was protecting a gangster,  but the fact that the USA was canceling Jamaican visa as well as green card and not giving many visas during the impasse. Having a green card and a visa is a big thing and anything that threatens that is BIG problem for Jamaicans.

Corruption & JDIP

Many are being led to believe that this played a big role in the JLP loss and while there is some truth here, its not for the reason that has been mooted( I will speak more on that later). If one should examine corruption in Jamaica and particularly under the former PNP government, I can count approx 10 at a total cost to the country of $5.5B.  How much has corruption in JDIP cost thus far, we do not yet know as the audit process is not yet completed, but I am sure it’s a whole lot less

So was this a factor, certainly and I will tell you why.

I will stop here and move into Jay’s analysis of the JLP election loss and I certainly expect to be taken to task by many bloggers, but that is not a problem.

In speaking with many Jamaicans on their own take and I mean, ordinary grass root Jamaicans, no Masters or Phd’s, just regular Jamaicans. These persons were very frank and many were labourites who choose not to vote for the JLP and would not vote for the PNP either.

What they had to say.

  1. “Boss mi nah tell you nuh lie, mi a labour man but mek mi tell u dis, when PNP was in power, we could eat a food. Mi nah tell u nuh lie d man dem set d ting a way so everybody could eat a food. Since me party tek over only certain big man get to eat food, d man dem diss wi and tek wi fi ediat”.
  1. ” Yow you see weh de man dem do wid JDIP money, how d man dem fi tek $100m go fix up a office instead mek wi eat a food off a it. You think seh if PNP was in power and siddung pon so much JDIP money, that money would not run an mek we eat food. That would a never happen under PNP, d JLP  dem a tek man fi fool. A just dem an dem big fren a benefit and nuttin nah gwan fi we.
  1. “Mr you think seh we can tell we landlord or d cashier at d supermarket dat  d  indicata ( economic indicators) dem  are all lined up and growth is about to occur so dollars soon run . Nah sah we caan do that, a money we a defend and right now nuttin nah gwan fi poor people.
  1. Tufton mash up the farming business wid im foolishness bout farmers market, from d ting start a pure losses fi we as farmers . We tell dem it nah work but dem nah listen.
  1. Tufton a try mash up we fishing business, you see d man come een and change  up d size a fishing net. From d man change up d ting we nah ketch as much fish as we used to, it caan work. You tink sey it easy fi spend some much time outta sea and d likkle bit a fish u ketch caan mek nuh money fi  feed u family.
  1. D man dem shutdown d scrap metal trade brethren and that is a major diss. Mek a tell u sumptin a nuff man used to eat a food when d ting dds a run, is not a PNP and JLP ting, everyman used to mek a change. Mi nah seh some man neva did a do certain tings weh wrong enuh but most people honest and did a do d right ting. D man dem could a siddung wid we and work out a ting, so d ting could still run.
  1. Yow u see d cash plus ting a nuff man used to mek money when cash plus did a gwan enuh. From dem come inna a power d man dem link up wid Wayne C and Lee C and mash up d ting. U know how much man did buy car, house and land outta cash plus,  a nuff man enuh. D man dem come een and inna no time d ting mash up and nuff man lose a ole heap a money. D man dem wicked iyah and we nuh figet dat. When PNP was in power d ting did a gwan and nuh body did lose nay money, mek dem gwey!
  1. Aright look over Portmore how d man dem go tek weh people container weh dem setup fi mek a livelihood  an go hide. Man come ,caan fi dem tings, ask d mayor im a diss d program chat bout a nuh im, seeh bout a next set a people do it. When we go check dem ,dem a say a d mayor . Dem a gee man a run a roun and a tek we fi eediat , wi  may be poor but we nuh fool. D man dem nuh have regard fi suffera iyah and a we put dem deh
  1. Look pon d likkle selling weh wi did a do pon d street. D government send d police fi cum terrorise we every day. Dem have wi a run up and dung like we deh a Olympics, tek weh we goods, mash up wi godds, stalls and dem tings deh. Nuff a wi nuh have nuh work and a dat likkle hustling put food pon we table and send wi pickney dem go school. You nuh see she d man dem wicked iyah.

Portia Simpson was spot on when she described the JLP government and its leaders as cold and uncaring and not concerned with the plight of the poor. She touched a nerve here , which resonated with many Jamaicans and were captured by some of the comments above.

No disrespect to the ladies but I chose this analogy to make a point. (Mich a nuh nuttin)

Mr Bigs is married and has a nice wife, he works long and hard hours to bring home the bacon and ensure the family is financially taken care off. He however does not take his wife anywhere does not tell her how good she looks and how happy he is to have her around. When he gets home he so tired, he simply eats, showers and go to bed. He wakes up early the next day and he is off again and the cycle starts.

There is an important missing element here and it’s the person ie  his wife, while financially she is ok, her emotional needs are being ignored, which can lead to a very bad situation.

You see we must balance things in life, if you focus too much on one area, bad things tend to occur in the other area giving results you did not expect. You are then left scratching your head trying to figure out what on earth went wrong. The answer is usually starring back at you in the mirror.

So in essence the JLP lost to the People Power and truly so, never ignore the masses, you do so at your own peril.

That’s Jay’s analysis.


JDIP is said to be one of the most corrupt program ever conceived and the handling of this program contributed to the JLP  loss on Dec 29, 2011. Many persons including the then opposition spokesman Dr Omar Davis asked that the program be suspended pending a review as the road selection process, unexplained increases in work estimates etc were unacceptable.

Its been almost three weeks since the PNP was swept to power and now JDIP has become this government’s responsibility. I believe that in the name of transparency and openness there are some questions that I would like to ask in relation to the program.

  1. Are all the JDIP projects previously started, still in progress and if so why?
  2. Can the ministry of transportation of works publish a list of all approved projects and constituency is which those projects fall?
  3. Can we get a list of all the contractor for each of those approved projects and the value of each of those contracts?
  4. For projects submitted and not yet approved can we get a list of those project, value and area in which those projects are to be done.
  5. When will the JDIP review begin?
  6. There was said to be no parliamentary oversight for JDIP because it was off the books, is it now on the books and if no, when will it be?
  7. Once the JDIP review has completed can we get a new list of new projects to be added, value, constituency in which these projects are  to done and the various contractors for each of these new projects?
  8. Can we also get a list of the various projects scratched and the reason they were no longer being considered?

Answers to the  above I believe will bring about some transparency to the entire JDIP program and allow for the Jamaican public so see what is going on, where the money is being spent and who is getting what.

Let us be the judge of the JDIP program.

Chinese not comfortable with proposed change in JDIP Structure?

Unconfirmed information reaching us, has suggested that the Chinese are very uncomfortable with the proposed change in the JDIP  structure. Recall the government while in opposition has indicated that it would use 25% of the JDIP fund to support JEEP.

I understand that the Chinese while not rejecting the plan, have some very strong objections about this proposed change, which has the government very worried . The initial discussion have not been going well and we understand that a delegation will be dispatched as early as this coming week to China to have further discussion , while addressing the concerns on the Chinese.

Two areas of concern as I understand it are:

  1. The strident criticism of the existing JDIP program by the PNP while in opposition which made the Chinese very very uncomfortable.
  2. The most important of all ,is the fear that the Chinese could suffer some major embarassment given Jamaican history with corruption, if the JEEP is seen by the opposition and Jamaicans alike as a corrupt program. The problem is, if JEEP becomes associated with JDIP and it JEEP is seen as a corrupt program, then the entire JDIP program would be seen as compromised thus tarnishing the reputation of China as supporting corruption overseas.

We all know that China takes a very hard line on corruption at home and as such they would not want to associated with a program, which can be easily be corrupted given Jamaicas past history with such programs. Its not that they were designed with corruption in mind, its simply the way they ended up.

Can Dr Omar Davis and Dr Peter Phillips shed some light on this new development given the committment to be open and transparent with the Jamaica people.

Also we would like to know if it is true that the Chinese have proposed or ( are open to the idea) to lend funds at even lower rate than JDIP along with grants to support JEEP, but with certain pre-conditions?

I can hear the following ” The discussions are at a delicate stage and as such it would not be prudent to come to Jamaican people at this time. Please allow this dicussions to take place and when we have a breakthrough we will commuiniate with everyone”

Government set to reverse free healthcare policy?


Minister of Health Dr Fenton Ferguson seems set to reverse the free healthcare policy, which was introduced 4yrs ago under the former administration.  In a recent public address, Dr Ferguson said, ” those who can afford to pay should pay”.

The question is,  can we afford to lose “free healthcare” at this stage, when persons are suffering and can barely afford to buy food much less pay for health services. There is no doubt that there are problems with the existing system, but instead of fixing the problem we are about to see many who are just barely surviving being asked to pay for healthcare.

I think this is a retrograde step by the new administration, which has championed itself as caring and looking after the interest of the poor and near poor in this country. It has been said the system has been overwhelmed since the introduction of the free healthcare system, which is a clear indication that Jamaicans are utilizing the system to seek affordable healthcare.

The fact is, those who can afford to pay are already paying. I do not see persons in the middle and upper class  utilizing the free healthcare; instead they will always opt to pay for private healthcare. So those most likely suffer from this move, (if it becomes a reality) are the very persons who are barely hanging on, given the tough economic conditions that exist today and  who really need the service.

The problem with the former system of user fee is, it requires some level of administration to complete needs analysis to determine who ” can pay vs those who cannot pay”. In my mind it’s a complete waste of resources and money to have people being employed and paid, to try and figure out who can pay and who cannot pay. Use the money to enhance the service instead of employee more administrators who contribute nothing to the delivery of healthcare.

As I mentioned above these is a problem in the free healthcare system in the administration of pharmaceutical, where persons (“ginnals”) have collected the drugs under the system then turn around and sell those drugs for a profit.

To fix the problem, the government should turn over the administration of drugs to either Sagicor or Blue Cross via a tender process. How I picture this working is similar to what exist today with your Blue Cross or Sagicor card.  If you “qualify” you will received a card with your name and a set amount of money or let’s call it drug equivalent.

You then present this card to your local pharmacy and collect your drugs, when you have used up your allocated amount for the year, then that’s it, if you need more drugs you purchase it at market rates. This I believe will go a far way in stamping out this corrupt practice by the many persons who collect the cheap drugs and sell it, in the name of ” eating a food”.

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