Portia fails to recongnize the “Jeep”?

One question that was asked of me recently, left me with a chuckle.

“Jay how come Portia, designed and manufactured the JEEP, but failed to recognize it on parking lot”?

I surely could not respond, except to suggest, she may have been given the wrong information on how the JEEP would look in the parking lot or there may have been no JEEP at all.

Maybe the JEEP was simply an idea that never made it unto the assembly line , so when she did see something similar in the parking lot, she shouted ” there is the JEEP ” , forgetting it was only an idea, that never made it to manufacturing.


20 Responses

  1. Olint victim Chris Gayle accepts trophy from Allan Stanford


  2. At the trial lawyers for Mr. Stanford (formerly Sir Allen) have complained that his lunch of government-provided peanut butter sandwiches has been inadequate.

  3. It reflects one of the issues I have with Portia, she seems to see herself as a coordinator rather than an informed and aware participatory leader. She therefore seems to delegate everything slightly complicated to others and doesn’t bother herself to learn the details many times.

    Something as important, and controversial like JEEP, she had to ask Richard Azan to tell her when it is to be launched. Omar Davies in the end had to come to the rescue.

    My own feelings on JEEP was that the details were not sorted out but were promised with elections in mind. I do not feel it is an empty promise as many have proclaimed, as that would not make any sense.

    The PNP have invested too much of the nation’s hope into this thing, to just let it flop.

    My only contention is that the PNP tried to give the impression that it was properly planned , when it wasn’t.

  4. Jay, you and the other naysayers are having a ball, and joking about the JEEP, but hope whenever the JEEP start rolling all over Jamaica you all will hop on board.

  5. http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTErWd-qtnI1X7sWQG9DOS_H9j4TyV_NPN1brAWWGcMRdhPHy4i

    LETTER FROM Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange – Youth, Sports, Gender Affairs, Entertainment and Culture

    God knows I had great plans for the Olympics this year
    First class tickets, five star hotel with money to spare
    The entourage, the shopping, the best seats to see the games
    Photo Ops and rubbing shoulders with all the big names
    Fine dining and frolic with those who were to the Manor born
    Now all these nice benefits tek wings and gone gone
    Thanks to you voters I wish you all burn in hell
    Dam you Portia, KD,Peter and Andrew as well
    Bout him was different and would get this big bounce
    42 to 21 look more like one fifth of a quarter of half ounce
    Mek the media and pollsters feed him false hope
    While the voters who mattered gave just enough rope
    G2K ads,Clovis, Al, Herro and Daryl’s big mouth
    Couldnt stop dem dutty orange train when it rolled out.
    Me truly think Mark, Cliff, Kevin and Observer would be right
    That we would celebrate with a marginal win on election night
    But the one Queen Portia came a rushing and stole the day the hour
    And lick we down flat with the strength of dem people power
    Lord God almight what a big nasty jolt
    You mean I wont be there and some other gal a go kiss up my boy Bolt?
    Me head a tear off, me eyes dem swell this one really hit me hard
    No London this year dear father you mean me have to stay home a yard?
    Tell me oh Lord what’s a girl to do
    Boo hoo hoo hoooooooooo!

    • Damn Wayne, this is GOOD!!!

      • I should have mentioned that I stole this from another site. I meant to make one small change though….

        ….G2K ads,Clovis, Al, Herro, Jay and Daryl’s big mouth Couldnt stop dem dutty orange train when it rolled out….. 🙂

  6. Are loyalists still on the boards?
    The following are the boards named by Vaz:

    Clarendon Alumina Production Ltd

    Chairman – Peter Millingen, atty-at-law

    Winston Hayden, general manager

    Councillor Milton Brown, mayor of May Pen

    Conrad George, atty-at-law

    Joseph Cox, atty-at-law

    Jamaica Bauxite Institute

    Chairman – Timothy Wilson, atty-at-law

    Fay Hutchinson, insurance executive

    Jamaica Bauxite Mining Limited and Bauxite and Alumina Trading Company of Jamaica

    Chairman – Phillip Armstrong, banker

    Olive Smith, businesswoman

    Coy Roache, managing director, JBM Ltd.

    David Minott, businessman

    Delano Seiveright, communications consultant

    Fitz-George Carty, engineer

    Gary Coulton, businessman

    Lloyd Bent, businessman

    Peter Fakhourie, businessman

    Richard Hector, businessman

    PETROJAM Limited

    Chairman – Angus Gordon, businessman

    Dr Audley Darmand, energy engineer

    Glenford Watson, atty-at-law

    Leslie Campbell, atty-at-law

    Timothy Wilson, atty-at-law

    Petroleum Company of Jamaica Limited

    Chairman – Russell Hadeed, businessman

    Tracy Adams, businesswoman

    Dr Earl Green, alternate energy (sustainable development) expert

    Desron Graham, banker

    Dwight Crawford, businessman

    John Brennan, businessman

    Mark Azan, businessman

    Robin Russell, businessman

    Steven Fong-Yee, businessman

    Wigton Wind Farm

    Chairman – Wayne Vaz, businessman

    C. Lloyd Allen, sports administrator

    William Saunders, energy consultant

  7. Responses fast and furious Ehh Jay?

    Consul general to NY to demit office

    Since the change of Government, at least one Jamaican organisation here has urged the new administration to appoint somebody “the entire Diaspora will feel comfortable with”.

    Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Consul-general-to-NY-to-demit-office_10666477#ixzz1kvxd3xPc

  8. 15 in court for land deal

    Fifteen persons, many of them prominent citizens of the Turks and Caicos Islands, have been taken to court by the Attorney General and the Civil Recovery Unit, for their involvement in a major land deal.
    The individuals are Samuel Lightbourne Snr., Percy Williams, Enos Gardiner, Christoval Williams, Wendal Swann, Albert Grant, Chris Stubbs, Sydrin Pratt, Tom Lightbourne (deceased), Oswald Williams, Conrad Howell, Edith Cooper, Ivy Cunningham, James O. Rigby and Claridge Wilson.


  9. Ex-Stanford worker described unqualified hires
    Monday, January 30, 2012

    A former employee for Texas financier Allen Stanford says a farm hand and a preacher were among unqualified workers hired as financial analysts in one of Stanford’s offices.
    Mark Collinsworth had worked in Stanford’s office in Memphis and testified for the prosecution in Stanford’s ongoing fraud trial Monday.
    But Collinsworth’s statements seemed to support defense claims that Stanford’s right hand man was behind the fraud that led to the bilking of more than $7 billion from investors in a massive Ponzi scheme.
    Collinsworth told jurors Stanford wasn’t aware of the bad hires that had been made by James Davis and another individual.
    Davis has pleaded guilty in the case and is expected to testify for prosecutors later this week.

    Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Ex-Stanford-worker-described-unqualified-hires#ixzz1l0NeEu70

    David Smith’s “right hand man?”

  10. Lord Ashcroft accused of hiding business links to ‘corrupt’ islands
    Billionaire Tory backer ‘secretly controlled construction company’ on Turks and Caicos

    Michael Ashcroft, the billionaire peer who for years bankrolled
    the Conservative Party, has been accused of hiding his business
    involvement in a Caribbean state whose government was brought down by corruption scandals.

    Michael Ashcroft was made a life peer in 2000 on the recommendation of William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, who was then leader of the Conservative Party. The peer is believed to be one of the biggest political donors in British history, having given around £10m to the Conservatives. During William Hague’s leadership, after the 1997 election defeat, he was virtually the only major funder of the Tory party.


  11. Time to Exhale:

    Audrey Marks resigns

    AMBASSADOR to Washington Audrey Marks yesterday confirmed that she has resigned,

    Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Audrey-Marks-resigns_10673044#ixzz1l1ti1l3h

  12. Paula and Kent, you find the missing Olint files yet?


  13. Marks’ replacement already chosen

    The government will name a replacement for former Ambassador to Washington Audrey Marks in in a few days, according to Minster without portfolio responsible for Information, Sandra Falconer, who spoke to reporters during the Jamaica House press briefing today.

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