Political victimization by the PNP Administration ?

We have been informed of numerous termination letter sent to many persons working in government agencies, since the PSM administration took office in Dec 29, 2011. If true, is this the way we can expect to be governed as a people, where you job is dependent on who is in power and which side of the political divide you sit

When can we expect to see an end to this type of governance ?


Dr Davis says the JEEP is not a “JEEP”

In a radio interview Dr Davis said , what was rolled out yesterday by the Prime Minister as JEEP is not JEEP at all. Instead he said its a rollover of a work program initiated by the former administration.

I am beginning to wonder if  Sister P is becoming as mendacious as brother Bruce, or she was given bad advise from her technocrats, it now becoming a pattern of behaviour by PSM.

Dr Davis credibility just shot up, while PSM just went down.

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