What’s Portia Simpson Miller fascination with 7’s ?

In 2007 we had the 7’s , now in 2012  we have the following :

700 jobs in 7 parishes, is this by accident or by design?

Is our Prime Minister superstitious or what ?


8 Responses

  1. just coincidence….see today’s gleaner…. apparently it was a JLP plan

  2. Jay, Your guess is as good as mine/ours. But why are you going so deep, we all know that you are not too keen on PSM being the PM of Jamaica, but we would rather have her than Bruce or Andrew….by the way where the hell is BG? We have not seen nor heard of him since the elections.

    • Truthlives, let me share this with you. One of the most dangerous person you can have around is one with immense power who invokes “God” in their daily doing.
      Now the problem is not with “God” as the supreme being himself, but the individual, who believes that whatever he or she does is ordained by God and is pleasing to his eyes.

      The person often goes off say ” I prayed to the lord to guide my decision and as such this decision I am making is not of my own, but is due to divine intervention”.

      Once they get a couple of decisions correct, they choose to expand on that and even when they are clearly wrong in the eyes of man, they are still not wrong as they did seek out “GOD” before they made their decision.

      Now once its for a greater good we have no problems, but when leader have a certain belief base that everything they do is right, regardless of what the people are saying, you can have a very dangerous situation.

      I am watching Portia very carefully and listening to her every words as there is an underlying “thing” that makes me very uncomfortable and its not her christian beliefs, its something else.

      • Give me a break!!! Then I guess PSM is not the only one “hung” up on 7s. The JLP said they selected the same 7 parishes…

        Jay, are you aware of the meaning of numbers in the Bible?

        • Acar,
          Did I hear you right, are you saying this was a JLP initiative , now re-branded as Jeep?

  3. Jay, I am saying no such thing.

    In September at the PNP’s annual conference PSM announced JEEP. I find it interesting that the JLP sprang to life in saying JEEP is a crash program and it cannot work.

    The JLP is now claiming that they signed a MOU with the IDB to do the very thing that they said was a crash program. When did they sign? December 5, 2011 over 3 months after JEEP was announced. Now tell me whose inititive is it…

  4. The PNP said a percentage of JDIP would be used to fund JEEP.

    Nothing wrong with them using IDB funds that are available for exactly the same thing they were proposing, especially since the JDIP money basically done (and the JLP never said the money was already spent/committed – maybe only MH knew that all the same).

    Ironically the JLP said the JEEP could not be funded.

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