PNP inches past the JLP in Gleaner/Bill Johnson final poll before the elections

PNP = 38%

JLP= 36%

See todays gleaner for further details.


3 Responses

  1. The poll of all polls will be rendered by the electorate on Dec 29. It is votes that matter, not people’s opinions!

  2. Jay:

    Do you know how the popular vote correlates with the (potential) number of seats a party wins in a Jamaican election? The winner of any General Election in Jamaica is based on the party with the majority number of seats. If this is so, why are these polls focus on the “popular” vote? Is it possible that a party polls the majority as far as the number of Jamaicans that voted for that party and still lose the election because they fail to win the majority as far as the seat count is concern?

  3. Here is the link to the story. Now Bill’s poll is falling in line with Anderson’s poll.

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