Which party do you believe will win the national elections?


3 Responses

  1. I’m sure the elections will be fairly close because of our tribalized politics (which means that politicians could probably literally get away with murder in the eyes of their supporters), but I don’t actually care either way because the choices are:

    1. a party primarily composed of drug-dealers and gun-runners with habitual liars

    2. a party primarily composed of thieves with liars (though they seem better able to weave a coherent lie together than the other party).

    • Oh and I almost forgot. Choice 3:

      parties which are not serious. There is no way that the NNC which had about 7% support back in 2010 (at almost half the JLP’s support in the same poll) should have found itself receding into the wilderness only a few months later – they obviously aren’t serious as they could have challenged the JLP after 2010 (if they played their cards right and focused on certain constituencies instead of trying to field candidates in all 60 as the NDM used to do at its height – maybe that was their mistake, unifying with the crackpots in the NDM and picking up the NDM’s lethargy) and eventually displaced both the JLP and the PNP as the main party.

  2. The party that is better at fooling the electorate will win the next election? “Did I really say that?”

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