Clinical destruction of the Empire !

The local cops with good intelligence work has started the clinical destruction of the Empire located in Portmore. The cops are unto something big as there are reported  links between the Empire and the Klansman gang, so strong is the link that persons are being employed in the gang to carry out certain acts that are paid for the Empire.

Klansman is now under pressure with many having relocated to other parts of the country and many now in hiding as the cops seek to put a strangle hold on their earnings.

We wish the Mr Ellington the best as he works with international partners to dismantle gang activity in Jamaica


Ministry of education officials dumps brand new book in school yard ! – UPDATED 10/26

At a time when parents are struggling to buy books for their kids, imagine my shock when I learned of scores of books that were dumped by a ministry of education official in the school yard of Windward Rd Primary School.

I could not careless about they not having space to store these books, anywhere but the school yard. The ministry official involved should be fired for an gross act of stupidity and insensitivity.

That is my view

UPDATE  10/26

The ministry has recovered the dumped books.

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