The X6 case that is being setup for an acquittal.

I am beginning to get very uncomfortable here and I see a pattern that I really do not want to see emerging, stay with me on this one.

1. The “suspect” made arrangement with the police and his lawyers to return “voluntarily” to Jamaica why, I will tell you in a second.

2. You cannot do an ID parade as the taxi-man could not identify the suspect for two reasons. (a) the vehicle is dark and tinted so so no easy visual (b) this incident occurred in the dark, low visibility.

3. First report said a X5, next it said a X6 – (doubt created already – deliberately, not sure yet)

4. Black X5, then Black X6 then dark coloured X6  ( Doubt again)

5. The vehicle was said to have been repaired, this does not mean this is the vehicle that had the accident. Cops need to match paint found on the X6 against the paint from the taxi and get a match.

6. The paint match would only suggest that the vehicle (x6) and the taxi had made impact at some point in time, that in no way shape or form points to murder.

7. You must establish beyond reasonable doubt that this suspect was the person in the vehicle and was the one that fired the shot. We as yet do not know if there was only 1 person in the SUV.

8. The “bullet” fragments is missing ie it cannot be found in the victim. This is crucial to get a conviction and as such it MUST be found. (Strange). No cause of death can yet be determiner – OMG this is not good.

9. The gun from which the bullet was fired is missing.

10. So all we have is circumstantial evidence and with a top lawyer like Patrick this suspect is being setup to walk free, despite public sentiments.

Without bullet fragment, without a murder weapon, without a cause of death, there is nothing to tie the suspect to the murder except a dark coloured X5/X6.

The outcome is almost concluded and that is why the suspect has returned to the country, OMG I cannot believe we all fell for this.

The X6 Lawyer speaks !!

When a top defense attorney is heaping praise on the cops, you know that he has a solid case which will result in acquittal.  I have never before heard a lawyer say this about the cops and while I should take comfort I am getting a nauseating feeling. The ,lawyer said he is happy with the cops in

 The selective manner in which information is released – lets deconstruct this statement as it works well for the defense team.

1. First the reports said a black X5.

2. Next we hear it was a black X6

3. Next we got a dark coloured X6

There is enough doubt here as to what vehicle was involved in the accident., which is a an attorney’s dream.

Next the cops said the gun cannot be found – If you cannot find the murder weapon you are already losing the fight.

Next we hear the autopsy was INCONCLUSIVE !!, Wow so we do not know how the lad was killed as the experts cannot say.

Next we hear the bullet fragments CANNOT be located , so we not cannot be sure he died from a gunshot wound.

If cannot find gun you cannot do ballistic testing, if you cannot find bullet and even find gun(which will show up as soon as it is confirmed that bullet cannot be found) there is nothing to compare to say bullet came from this gun.

Atkinson is right, the police must be commended for the way in which they have released the information as it assures that his client will walk free and he will. Mark my word.


X6 owner son (21 yr old) charged by the police in a separate case of causing grievous bodily harm !! Huh


13 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t be surprise if it wasn’t one of his son who did the shooting of the high school student.

    The incidence for which the son is charged, happen in 2009 and they have decided 2-years later to arrest/charge one of the sons. If both was involved in the beating of the compliant, who is now paralyzed, why hasn’t both sons arrested and charged? Clearly, if the X6 incidence did not popup, they wouldn’t be charge. Someone need to do a detail background check on this individual and his cronies, including the Police Officers who are known associates. I’m sure there is a lot of things hidden in his closet and must have gotten the attention of our international partners.

  2. @ Test two sons are already in police custody and you are correct this is not the first shooting . My good sources say this is incident #5, the first four… well.

  3. you see…. the media mix up everything and having the people turning IGNORANT AGAINT THE MAN… what happen to the little girl name teonia henry who got raped??.. where is her justice!!!!!, everybody just lingering on this case and the little girl killer is still at LARGE!!!, why dem dont bruck dem neck fi find her KILLER!!! jaamica love too much sus and dem act fool fool too much!!!..

  4. I agree that this man was protecting himself./… this happened in a area that alot of robbery is happening… them bump up inna di man car, and him protecthimself.. only thing is that boy died!!!/.. but ppl ready fi accuse di man and dont know the story!!!.. bwoy oh bwoy, ah suh we Jamaicans ignorant suh????… them quick fi belive anything the media put out there!!.. i believe it is a setup that went wrong!

    • Sizzla and yourself are one of the same? You both have the same distorted, minority views supporting the person who killed this young man. You seem hell bent on supporting the criminal, so obviously you are one of his cronies or family member…which one?

    • This reply is the stupiest thing ive heard ever….an innocent person was killed….he’s guilty of that….y it happened is somn else

      • Ignore this Troll. He has been going around on all the blogs and posting this same nonsense. In fact, one of his posting suggest that the Taxi contain four would be robbers/kidnappers. If you look at the Gleaner today (07/22/2011) he posted under the following Nicks: Yuhzimi, Noray68, Kangaroo and Ramadan, all in an attempt to confuse and drum-up support for “Di man”. His bi-line today is that “Di Man” is innocent until proven guilty.

        I guess the Troll is singing for his supper, since it is obvious that this imbecile is one of X6 Killer cronies and in all likelihood, depend on him for financial support. I wonder how “Missiboo”/”Sizzla” is going to survive when his Godfather is incarcerated for a very long time? I guess you self-interest takes precedence over the life of this Teenager whose life was cut short by individual that value material possession above human life. People like the X6 Killer normally belong to a special group of individuals that push their poison on others. I suspect Missiboo”/”Sizzla” is part of this minority group of thugs.

        “Missiboo”/”Sizzla”, if I were you, I would start looking for a job from now, otherwise you are going to starve. I will be keeping an eye out for you and every time you pop you evil head up…it will be hammered. I can spot a Troll like you from a mile off!! I bet the Troll won’t post on this forum again since he has been exposed?

  5. no test… i have common sense thats all!!!!. there is no proof of what really happen, so quess what??.. I dont trust anything the MEDIA have to say, FACTS is what im defending, yuh zimmie!.

    • Why don’t you share the FACTS with the rest of us. You seem to know more than most as it relates to this incidence.

      them bump up inna di man car, and him protecthimself.. How do you know this? Were you in the man’s SUV? Don’t you see how reckless you appear? I still maintain that you are either a family member or one of the SUV owner’s cronies….it is clear as night or day…yuh zimmie?!

    • well its not media says going to the court is what the cops had for information and they were tight lip about there info so good!

  6. you are totally rifgt dude that is exactly what is going to happen to this famous case the guy will not have a chance to meet papa zeeks inside of hell case closed thank you good day

  7. wow you are a genius, acquittal as you predicted. very sad thopugh.

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