What does the Mannatt/Dudus Commission report say we have a copy!

First there is NOTHING explosive in the report, so what many where expecting they will not be getting.  Among the recommendations that are being made is something I suggested just after the entire affair which resulted in the extradition of Dudus, read it at the link below. We spent over $70+ for what, I have always maintained that the commission of enquiry was a waste of time and the report tabled has proved this.

The commission is  reporting on Dr Phillips signing of the MOU which was not even part of the scope of the commission of enquiry while the main items seemed not to have been adequately addressed.

Once again we have found to celebrating announcement and not performance and/ or implementation !!

What did we really spend $70m for?

Did we get value for money?

Who was held accountbale?

Which laws were broken and whats the penality ?

So Bruce should have not inserted himself in the middle of the process, so how come no sanctions for the PM?

Another enquiry which mandate was not meet but everyone was paid handsomely, this is a scandal !!

Here is the mannatt report !




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